Final week to ask Sony what third-party title you want. Here's a reminder list..

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User Info: GameDesignerSage

4 years ago#1

^ There it is. Hit it up and tweet away your request! The new Third Party Relations studio was set up by Sony to make certain titles more feasible that would otherwise be skipped out on, be it localisations of Japan only games or multiplatform titles that don't have a Vita version.

This new studio is asking for requests. After that, they will see what is possible and then hire the most apt third-party studio to make it happen. The first title coming out of this is Borderlands 2 for Vita.

So, here is a helpful reminder list of what you could ask for. Remember, it's gotta be third-party...

Portable titles stuck in Japan

- Final Fantasy Type-0 (the biggie)

- Phantasy Star Online 2 (big success in Japan for this free to play MMO, surprisingly a huge amount of the players are of the Vita version)

- Yakuza Black Panther 1 & 2

- Last Ranker: (Capcom PSP RPG headed by BoF key staff)

- Valkyria Chronicles 3

- J-Stars Victory Vs (why do I get the feeling that this will stay Japan only... we could change that!)

- Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts remakes (out in Japan for Vita, but stuck there)

- 7th Dragon 2020 and its sequel (PSP dungeon crawlers that cannot crawl its way out of Japan)

- Brandish: Dark Revenant (we need more Falcom titles in the West, this one in particular is fantastic)

- Half-Minute Hero 2 (we got the first one, we were meant to get the sequel but that plan went kaput... let's put it back)

- GRAND KNIGHT HISTORY (localisation was cancelled, we can bring it back)

Ideas for titles to bring to portable

- Bioshock Vita (Levine wants to make it happen but doesn't have the spare resources / staff to make a new portable Bioshock. Now that Borderlands 2 is happening, this has a chance)

- Resident Evil Revelations HD (still a surprise this skipped the Vita since the port costs would have been next to nothing)

- Call of Duty proper: (no crappy rushed title but a from the ground up, using the IW engine title)

- Battlefield series (seems like EA is winding down on Vita, but that could turn around if Sony put up the costs to port Frostbite to Vita)

- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas+ (I was thinking a new title but such an operation might be too big and costly for this new Sony studio to greenlight, so an upgraded port seems more realistic. And hey, GTA III and Vice City are out on mobile, why the hell not Vita?)

- Diablo 3, Diablo 1 and 2 as well, why the hell not (actually surprised DIII isn't on Vita considering it won't be that much of a task to adapt the PS3 build)

- Monster Hunter (lulz)... (to be serious, perhaps Frontier considering how big MMOs (PSO2) can be on Vita)

- Final Fantasy V enhanced port (it's only for mobile platforms right now)

User Info: SummerBlues

4 years ago#2
Fast, spam them with the Tales games. (I would do it but I cancelled my twitter long time ago)

User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#3
No twitter, though I would ask for the Warriors Orochi 3, PSO2, Valkyria Chronicles 3, Brandish, and Grand Knight History. Maybe ask From Soft for a new portable Armored Core?

User Info: psvitantifail

4 years ago#4
Flip that san andreas on way baby!!!!
Oh no Charlie!!---

User Info: foxgamer92

4 years ago#5
There are only two titles I want that may not come to the Vita. I doubt either would have a shot at it through this. But luckily there is a 50% chance they will since the developers are in love with Sony.
PlayStation Vita has a very bright future. NIS and Compile Heart know that Sony does what Nintendon't.
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User Info: MINION21046

4 years ago#6
Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts got my vote!
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User Info: GameDesignerSage

4 years ago#7
bumpy trot

User Info: StrikeNinja24

4 years ago#8
I cant wait to see none of those.
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User Info: Sevyne

4 years ago#9
Would rather have Torchlight 2 on Vita than Diablo 3, but I wouldn't mind either one. Vita could use a game of that type since for some reason they scrapped Warrior's Lair...

User Info: BahamutBBob

4 years ago#10
GameDesignerSage posted...
- Valkyria Chronicles 3

Isn't this already confirmed for release next month in the US?
XBL / PSN: BahamutBBob
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