Man nothing interests you guys anymore for vita.

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User Info: Cross_slash101

4 years ago#1
Soul Sacrifice Delta
Reaction: "It's too early to release a sequel" or "Eh the game wasn't that great to begin with, what will change?"

PS Nova
Reaction: "It won't be localized who gives a s***?"

Gravity rush 2
Reaction: "Meh game was subpar again what will change from the first?"

Borderlands 2
Reaction: "It's going to be a straight port. Not even GOTY edition"

Any reactions here are justified, that game is garbage.

Come on guys, those games all have their concerns and those points are quite valid but it seems like the gloom and doom for the vita has reached a critical point where now anything thing will bring a bad reaction

New MH (Not online based like MHFG, more like MH4) on vita
Projected Reaction: "Too late it won't sell since everyone will be playing MH4 and it will probably be rushed out by Capcom"

Where did the excitement for new announcements go for the vita on this board? No new announcement for the vita it seems will interest you guys anymore.

Hell they could announce FFT-0 for the vita for a western release and "Won't boost sales in Japan" and "Port" will be cared more about than the fact we got a game we've wanted localized for years announced for the west.

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User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#2
Welcome to the sad state of VITA boards where "positive-realistic" things are almost alway met with snark.

User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#3
Just enjoy what you enjoy.
I personally will buy a VITA for these reasons primarily:

-MGSaga on the go
-Region FREE
-Remote Play
-Console quality ports
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User Info: OtakuD50

4 years ago#4
ITT: The entire Vita board is a hivemind.
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User Info: Cross_slash101

4 years ago#5
OtakuD50 posted...
ITT: The entire Vita board is a hivemind.

Well it kind of is sure there are people, many people in fact that are excited for the games I listed. I won't deny this fact and in hindsight should have posted in the OP. But the majority of this board is a hive mind and more importantly increasingly so.
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User Info: wesker741

4 years ago#6
I hope the Phantasy Star one is wrong :(
To be decided

User Info: Lord_Vishana

4 years ago#7
The cynicism is somewhat understandable, but it's mainly peoples own faults for grandiose expectations.

I completely disagree about the mentality surrounding Gravity Rush 2. I absolutely loved the original and with a few refinements, the game will be even better. :-)

Phantasy Star Nova is my newly most anticipated game and I haven't watched the five minute trailer yet. I'll watch it before judging the game obviously. :-)

I do agree that Soul Sacrifice Delta and Ragnarok Odyssey Ace are premature. These are enhanced versions of games that are still quite new. Soul Sacrifice released earlier this year and Ragnarok Odyssey came out a little over a year ago in North America. I'm just worried that this is the beginning of an unfortunate trend. We might see enhanced versions of more games announced less than a year after the original ones release. I think the same thing will happen with Toukiden, Gundam Breaker, God Eater 2 ect.

I'm super excited for Borderlands 2 since I haven't played it before.

I totally agree on the hope and optimism about Frontier G. I've already explained it in other topics so I won't reiterate the same information. Trust me, the game is terrible. The Vita(or ANY system for that matter) would have been better off not having Frontier G on it.
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User Info: DirtyHarry11

4 years ago#8
As far as TGS announcements go, I'm really looking forward to Gravity Rush 2 and Soul Sacrifice Delta, Deception 4 sounds cool too.

I really want another Dynasty/Samurai Warriors game for Vita here in the states though, one without all that touch screen gimmicky stuff. Japan is getting so many of them; Samurai Warriors 2 HD, Warriors Orochi 3, Dynasty Warriors 8, and now Samurai Warriors 4. Unfortunately none of them have been announced for localization outside of Japan. Come on Tecmo Koei, this is BS. I would seriously buy all 4 games if they were localized here.

User Info: grangia

4 years ago#9
The board has more trolls/haters than actual owners, what'd you expect? XD

I, for one, fully welcomed all the announcements.

User Info: eixeeee

4 years ago#10
I can't blame people for not being interested in Type-0 anymore, as that's pretty much how I feel about the game now. I don't really care anymore.

I'm happy for those people who do still care about the game and want to play it, but there's still no official confirmation it's even happening and even then, a straight port to PSN isn't going to revive my interest in the game. If it was some sort of update like what they're doing for Bravely Default that isn't a dump to the PSN Store, maybe.

But it's been almost two years. I've moved on.

As for the other announcements, they look decent enough, no complaints there really. The only one I don't care for is the Monster Hunter one.
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