Sometimes I feel like I misplaced my money buying a Vita

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User Info: darkdragongirl

3 years ago#1
I am glad for people all happy for TGS '13, but it feels so lackluster to me.

I am excited for Gundam, and Dynasty Warriors 8 XL (or whatever it is). Otherwise, I don't know what else to excited for.

I don't care for the Japanese games, and the ones that I did care for (FFX-X2 qHD) are a season or more away.

I already played Soul Sacrifice. I don't care for expansions of hunting games especially if they are to be released at full-price of the original. Sure, it adds what seems to be a lot of additions, but I don't know if I care to go through the same story.

I hate Monster Hunter games so that's out.

SEGA is never localizing games unless Atlus becomes our beacon of hope.

Lots of these silly games like Doganronpa (sp) and Demon Gaze are not even worth glancing at in my opinion.

I know this is just someone stating their opinions, but what does someone who doesn't care about the Japanese market look forward to? Aside for what seems like 90% denied localization attempts, and poor western support. Maybe if Gravity Rush 2 has improved controls and a quality story that will be a good start as I expect it to be localized.

What is the next event we wait for? E3 (lulz) again and unknown announcements over time? :/

I read my topic title. I feel kind of bad, I like my Vita. I just wish the West liked it too besides Indie Devs, and maybe Japanese devs localizing their games instead of having to pay import fees and then being disappointed at games that might not even be very good.

This is essentially a reassurance topic. Reassure me please. I am looking forward to Tearaway and Ys this year hopefully.
I don't care what system/PC or handheld/Tablet you play on as long as you enjoy your purchase and respect mine.
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User Info: Blabadon

3 years ago#2
I reassure you the Earth is round

User Info: SekaiIchiban

3 years ago#3
I can reassure you, the western studios ignores vita except for indies. Even EA is ignoring the Vita and that is something. I think the main reason is that Japan is a handheld dominated country while most parts of the west still is console dominated, thus the lack of western support.

User Info: inFAMOUSJakey

3 years ago#4
I would honestly say just sell your vita unless you really want to enjoy ps4 remote play.
There is no real amazing games coming out for it and if it sales are so slow like this, sooner or later it's going to die

User Info: DalekZero

3 years ago#5
You're only encouraging people like me. :D

Really, I'm sure it will be fine though. I trading in my vita because I'm an impatient SOB, not really because of the system itself.

Besides, you might find more of a use out of remote play than me if you plan on getting the ps4. I'm planning on buying a vita-tv if it makes it over to the states, so even I have not given up on it completely. Have faith.
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User Info: skyrimer3d

3 years ago#6
Sony always thinks long term, almost none of their consoles had a great start, but I'm sure once vita TV, new models are out, things will improve. Sooner or later Vita will hit 150, and from that moment it will start to sell and better games will be released, same as always with any Sony console when it hits mass market price.

User Info: MwarriorHiei

3 years ago#7
danganronpa is not silly and will be goty when it comes out.

User Info: Spotlesseden

3 years ago#8
if you don't care about Japanese games, don't buy japanese console because they will have alot of Japanese games. XBox has less Japaense games, more western games.

User Info: karissa1

3 years ago#9
Oh, it's the dragon that wanted to bomb Japan. Don't worry, I'm sure the curry game will be fun. =)

User Info: halfelven23

3 years ago#10
you dont like japanese game yet you bought a japanese oriented handheld? ...ok
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