Ughhh, I really need your help you guys

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User Info: CWSapp757

3 years ago#1
Alright so since I have had a Vita my time has pretty much always been limited. I work two jobs, was going to Grad school and had a girlfriend and friends I had to give time to. Well, recently I graduated, I just got offered a job that would allow me to quit the two jobs and my girl (fiance now actually...just proposed) has been so much more understanding about giving me time to myself to just relax and play games. Needless to say, I am going to have a ton more time and I want to start getting into my Vita games.

The issue that I have is that I buy games whenever they come out even though I knew I wasn't going to have the time to get to them. Here's my list and a little extra info for each:

Uncharted Golden Abyss - played about 2 hrs
AC III Liberation - about 10 minutes
Gravity Rush - about 3 hrs
Sly Cooper Theives in Time - about 2 hrs
Grand Theft Auto ChinaTown Wars - 30 mins
Hot Shots Golf - played a lot
Hot Shots Tennis - play occasionally
Virtua Tennis 4 - Beat it about a year ago
MLB the Show 13 - played one game
Fifa 13 - played one game
Madden 13 - play occasionally
Rayman Origins - 4 hours... loved it but never finihed
Rayman Legends - Havent played yet
Limbo - Haven't played it
Rocketbirds HBC - 10 mins
MegaMan Maverick Hunter - almost done with it
Doctor Who - 10 mins
Mutant Blobs Attack - about an hr
Guacamelee - about an hr
UMVC3 - play this the most
Playstation All Stars - about an hr
SF x Tekken - probably about ten hours
Blazblue - Love it
DOA5 Plus - Like it a lot
Mortal Kombat - played a lot initially
Guilty Gear XAC + R - played a bunch (I love fighting games)
Tekken 6 - Play this a lot to stay sharp in Tekken Tag
Soul Calibur - play occassionally
Shinobido 2 - Haven't played
Ninja Gaiden 2 Plus - Haven't played
Dynasty Warriors - maybe an hr
Silent Hill - about 4 hrs
Dungeon Hunter - 10 mins
Muramasa Rebirth - Beat it
God Of War Ghost Of Sparta - about 30 mins
Mononoke Slashdown - I didn't even know I had this game.
Asphalt Injection - 10 mins
Need For Speed Most Wanted - 10 mins
Wipeout 2048 - about 10 mins
Modnation Racers - played a lot but not in over a year
Sonic Transformed - about 5 hrs worth of playtime
Spy Hunter - played about an hr
MUD - Haven't played it
Urban Trail Freestyle - About an hr
Sonic Rivals 2 - Dont judge me... I like it :/
Neo Geo Heroes - about 2 hrs
Sine Mora - about 2 hrs and love it
Big Sky Infinity - maybe 5 mins
Mobile Light Force - About 15 mins
Super Stardust Delta - 10 mins or so
Velocity Ultra - once again, maybe 10 mins
Resistance Burning Skies - an hour and a haf
Unit 13 - about 4 hours.... really liked it
Call of Duty - about 2 hrs playing
Earth Defense Force Portable - 5 mins
Metal Slug Anthology - played a lot. Love it
Jak and Dexter - 15 mins
Hotline Miami - loved it... about an hour
Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal - 5 mins
Zen Pinball 2 - 15 mins
Tetris - who doesn't love tetris
Hustle Kings - 5 mins
Retro City Rampage - 5 mins
Sound Shapes - 10 mins
Monkey Ball - 5 mins
Men's Room Mayhem - 5 mins
Divekick - 2 hrs
Lumines - 5 mins
Kickbeat - just played the tutorial
Stealth Inc. - 5 mins
Smart As - 10 mins maybe
The Walking Dead - on episode 2
Disgaea 3 - about 6 hrs
Soul Sacrifice - Haven't played smh
Persona 4 Golden - About 1 hr.... sigh
Ys Seven - 5 mins
Ys The Oath in Felghana - Haven't played
Dragon's Crown - Played about 2 hrs
Army Corps of Hell - Haven't played
Real Boxing - Haven't played
Ms. Germinator - Haven't Played

I know, I have a serious problem with wasting money on games. I have absolutely no idea where to go from here. I was hoping you guys could give me some suggestions. Thanks in advance.

User Info: stargazer64

3 years ago#2
Don't. Get. Married.
" much wrong with this post it reached critical mass and became a black hole of ignorance from which no educated thought can escape." - GenocideH

User Info: bellzemo

3 years ago#3
I would just say finish some of the games you enjoyed. Then go from there.
All that once was will be.

User Info: Mister Money

Mister Money
3 years ago#4
Congratulations on the pending nuptials!!!!!!!!!

I agree, just play the games that interest you. I suggest getting Ys Memories of Celceta when it arrives around November.
My PS Vita-1000 Systems: Cosmic Red (Japan), Sapphire Blue (Japan), Crystal White (USA). PS Vita-2000 Systems: TBA (Japan).

User Info: Jopez86

3 years ago#5
I do the same thing man. I agree with every one else, play what you like, but maybe start with the shorter, story driven experiences first.
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User Info: arclouks_x

3 years ago#6
stargazer64 posted...
Don't. Get. Married.

honestly this, you sound way to young, dedicate your lif to work, games and just banging not relationships.

Im just kidding by the way, first finish p4g then play whatever you want.
Now playing:Dissidia 012, Resident evil:Revelations HD.

User Info: tonio8701

3 years ago#7
You clearly have more time and money since you prepared that entire list. I'm happy for you. Now sell me a couple of those games.
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User Info: sworder

3 years ago#8
Don't buy games until you finish the ones you have. I realize that the bigger my backlog gets, the less I want to play them and just look forward to newer games

I don't mean finish all those you have at the moment since you obviously won't, but make sure to finish whatever you purchase next before buying a second one
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  3. Ughhh, I really need your help you guys

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