"Sony's PS Vita TV Is Brilliant, Could Destroy the PS Vita"

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User Info: nariusseldon

4 years ago#1

"Unfortunately, it would kill the PS Vita itself. In fact, the PS Vita TV is Sony's tacit admission that the Vita as envisioned is not going to happen. The handheld was crushed in the market by the Nintendo 3DS, and with the 2DS and new Pokemon and Zelda games on the way, even a streamlined, less expensive Vita is going to have a hard time."

"It's clear that the ability to play PlayStation Vita games isn't even the biggest draw of the PS Vita TV, or at least not on its own. It's the huge back catalog of PSP and PSOne games, which represent a massive library of classic titles available in different forms. More users will look at the PS Vita TV as a way to play Final Fantasy 7 or Persona 3 Portable (or Persona 4: The Golden, which is indeed a Vita game, but it was ported from the PlayStation 2 and has already been released) than they will to play Tearaway or Ys: Memories of Celceta. Incidentally, the fact that it took me more than 10 seconds to come up with upcoming Vita titles that aren't already PS3 ports speaks volumes."

"The PS Vita TV is a way to salvage the extensive engineering and development Sony put into the Vita so it doesn't go to waste and can make money for Sony in another form."

User Info: mike_411

4 years ago#2
Wow, that seemed overly pessimistic don't you think?

I can only see the Vita TV supporting the Vita if it sells well, not killing it. >.>
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User Info: Zamnato

4 years ago#3
Nariuscrap again, run people.......
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User Info: TwilightEchoes

4 years ago#4
I don't get the appeal. I understand it, but it seems dumb. "Here's this system so you don't have to play handheld games on a handheld!"

I guess if you wanted to show the games off to others that well and fine, but that's hardly worth the pricetag in question. You're essentially paying for a TV experience for games too stripped down for the native hardware to warrant it.
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User Info: alexg1989

4 years ago#5
here we go again... this guy never stops
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User Info: WoefulyDolorous

4 years ago#6

dont understand the purpose of handhelds

User Info: LiquiDZerO

4 years ago#7
WoefulyDolorous posted...

dont understand the purpose of handhelds

why would i play a handheld when i have a perfectly good pc?!?!?!?
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User Info: Sagadego

4 years ago#8
Zamnato posted...
Nariuscrap again, run people.......
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User Info: Rygon

4 years ago#9
Vita TV is a Vita so its potential success is to the success of the Vita platform. It's not a competition between SKUs. Whichever one sells more helps the other.

User Info: Nagisa_Shinju

4 years ago#10
So...the PSVTV will crush the Vita...due to it's back log of PS1 and PSP games?...Because the current Vita cannot play those games or something? Because gamers haven't been able to play PSP or PS1 games on the big screen before? Sounds like a rather weak point. If anything the price point would be the deciding blow.

Then it goes on to ignore the additions P4G has over the PS2 version....and the fact that Tearaway won't work on the PSVTV... C'mon people... I swear, if a system isn't the second coming of a certain someone, then people want it burned at the stake...
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