"Sony's PS Vita TV Is Brilliant, Could Destroy the PS Vita"

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User Info: CRU54D3R

4 years ago#51
Meh, maybe it's just personal preference, but for me the touch screen is worlds easier and more efficient for many things(besides maybe standard games like FPSs, RPGs, etc.). Especially the fact that the Vita has a multitouch OLED display(an edge it has over the 3DS) just adds convenience, especially with browsing, typing, and the like. Honestly, some games really do feel right using a touch interface.

As for the Vita TV, I think it's already been said that there's no point in a handheld if it's not, well, handheld. I guess I just don't see the point in throwing down over a hundred dollars just so I can spare myself the trouble of moving it from one room to another. Honestly, the only people I see buying it are people who have money to blow on an extra, minute convenience. I bought the Vita partiallybecause it IS a handheld, and I can take it damn near everywhere while being able to take advantage of its vastly improved internet connectivity, power, and yes, even battery life over the 3DS(to that end, it seems to last significantly longer). I suppose everyone has their own perspective on the matter, but personally I quite enjoy it for its portability alone.
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User Info: DirtyHarry11

4 years ago#52
The title of this topic is the equivalent of stating "3DS XL is Brilliant, Could Destroy the Regular 3DS." The Vita and Vita TV are essentially the same system except that one is portable and the other is a device you hook up to your TV. As a Vita owner I welcome Vita TV; if it starts selling well then more games will come to Vita TV/regular Vita. What's the problem here?

User Info: Loui5planks

4 years ago#53
Quotes. Been destroying the Playstation Portable since launch.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#54
Why would anyone use Vita TV to play PS1? PS3 does it, PSP does it, HTPCs do it, $100 Android phones do it...
So Vita TV is just an overpriced PSP now?
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User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#55
darkzv2beta I guess because on the psp those ps1 games are downloadable, to play ps1 games on a ps3 dont you need the physical copy, and physical copies of games from ps1 and psp eras are now rare plus expensives.

User Info: XionPi

4 years ago#56
Super Game Boy killed the Game Boy.
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User Info: darkstar4221

4 years ago#57
PCmag is just a mainstream magazine with mainstream opinions, which means they have no substance or credibility in what they say. They are complete tools.

The Vita TV might be useful if it was hacked and I can play all the games for *free*, which many people do on their PSP and PS1 anyway. But I would rather just buy the actual Vita if I want to play Vita video games. Sony wants to release the Vita TV in China, well they better prepared for massive piracy once they do.

User Info: amonte64

4 years ago#58
What's with a lot of gamers? How come they aren't normal people or consumers?

PSVita is a PORTABLE console. PSVita TV is a HOME console. There is a big market for both individually.

Discussion over.

Plus, some games won't work on PSVita TV unless the games get patched and let's be real, the majority of game corps don't give a rats ass about the dumb, sheep, naive and corporate slave game consumers.
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