Your last and next Vita purchase?

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User Info: MrPoppadopolis

3 years ago#31
Last purchase: Killzone
Next purchase: Probably Rayman Legends... or import One Piece... or Jak collection, yes I know it isnt as good as ps3, but I still want it.
PSN - S1lentsurviv0r

User Info: Lowtan_Lane

3 years ago#32
Mister Money posted...
Last: Sen no Kiseki Famitsu DX Pack (Just shipped from Nippon-Yasan for me, already out of stock).

Next: PS Vita-2000 (color TBD) and 64GB Memory Card (x2) and all related 2000 accessories in Tokyo in 2 weeks ^____________________^

gotta post a topic with pics. Id love to travel to Tokyo.
"...And since she isn't my gf I don't give a crap what her hobbies are. I'll only see her(them) a couple times a month." --- Lowtan_Lane

User Info: alejo_81

3 years ago#33
Last : Soul sacrifice

Next: Batman arkham origins

User Info: Kazuhira07

3 years ago#34
Last Non-indie: The Walking Dead

Next: Ys: Memories of Celceta Silver Anniversary Edition. Really hyped for this ^_^
PSN: Kazuhira07
Currently playing: Final Fantasy IX

User Info: Tluhdatsi

3 years ago#35
INKU48 posted...
Last: Dragon's Crown

Next: Valhalla Knights 3

Same here.
"We have a Constitution to protect us from the rule of 'most reasonable people'." -Butters (not the one from South Park)

User Info: ghostraver23

3 years ago#36
last:killzone mercenary
next:vahalla knights 3 or Ys

User Info: will57

3 years ago#37
Last Purchase (i'm assuming this is excluding PS+ free downloads)-Guilty Gear Accent Core+R. Next purchase- Sorcery Saga:Curse of the Great Curry God.
Currently waiting the release of The Guided Fate Paradox (November), Disgaea D2 (October), Blazblue Chrono Phantasma and Witch and the Hundred Knights (2014)

User Info: JessofBlades

3 years ago#38
last: touch my katamari in April
next: dunno

User Info: Nagisa_Shinju

3 years ago#39
Last: Dragon's Crown
Next: Valhalla Knights 3 or Ys

User Info: LiquiDZerO

3 years ago#40
last: P4G
next: killzone or ys (ys limited already fully pre ordered but i might get killzone in the interim)
"I can't begin to count the number of agents whose lives were saved by a cardboard box." -Snake
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