What non game media would we like to see added to PSN for Vita?

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User Info: CNFiX

3 years ago#1
Have a relative working at Sony that asked me this question and I thought I'd share it with this community.

What additional NON GAME and non app media (so more like music and video) would we like to see added to PSN for Vita.

This could include existing media that isn't currently available on PSN like other independent movies / music, foreign movies / anime, etc.

Or, could include original programs, to be created by Sony, that do not currently exist (and if so, what kind).

It could also include other things such as game reviews, MLG coverage, etc. though I would think most of this is already available through youtube.

Thanks for the opinions!

User Info: mike_411

3 years ago#2
Crunchyroll maybe?
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User Info: Stasis_Sword

3 years ago#3
The fundamental problem is this: Most consumers who might be interested in this media also own a smartphone. I have my smartphone with me far more than my vita. The smartphone can play youtube videos, hulu plus videos, netflix videos, iTunes videos ...ect So why would I purchases media on my Vita instead of my smart phone?
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User Info: yet_another_alt

3 years ago#4
Nevermind, misread the question.

Frankly I don't want non-game related media on PSN if they're not apps. Poster before me got it right, I would rather get these media from places that let me access it on more than just a PSN enabled device.

User Info: gamezero6

3 years ago#5
~Broswers(Opera, Dolphin and etc.)
~Video player (Avi, Mkv, Flv and etc.)
~A PS Magazine app
~Internet Radio (Pandora, IHeart and etc.)
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User Info: BerlingerT

3 years ago#6
I second browsers. It would be neat to see more internet browsers than the default only.
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User Info: ProzacMessiah

3 years ago#7
Stasis_Sword nailed it. It's not that I'm averse to making use of the Vita as a video player, but I don't want said media to be restricted to a PSN device. I have HBO Go and the Comcast player on my phone already.

Furthermore, storage costs/limits on the Vita make it undesirable as a primary media device. I have 96GB of storage on my phone, and it cost me a fraction of what a 32GB Vita card would. Finally, on the Vita, I need most of my storage space for games.
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