Believe it or not, Remote Play will be my deciding factor on next-gen

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User Info: brendalf

3 years ago#1
So I was really high on Xbox One when it was first announced. Thought it was great, was excited to continue using Xboxes as my main system. Why? Well, my ps3 broke and Sony never bothered to replace it.

E3 comes around and I get an email saying pre-orders are now available. I rush to my nearest gamestop and put down $150 for the Battlefield bundle, only for Sony to do their press conference later that day and completely wipe the floor with Microsoft. The next day I had pre-ordered a PS4 as well.

I'm still not entirely sure which one I want, but I absolutely love my vita. And the idea of playing a next-gen Battlefield 4 or Gran Turismo while I doze off to bed sounds amazing. It would push me over the edge and make the decision obvious. The only problem is I don't know what to expect. I used to use remote play on my PSP by streaming old ps one games off of my PS3 and it was unplayable. Have they improved the tech or is this just a pipe dream?

User Info: krizz07

3 years ago#2
the PS4 has dedicated resources for remote play which enables vita to play PS4 games so i would say yes, the tech and the execution has improved significantly. but we have to wait until people tests this out in real world environments to really say that it actually improved.

User Info: VegantoKeens

3 years ago#3
I am sure they have improved on the tech for two reasons:

1. They barely support PS3 remote play, yet they are doing it again for PS4. Seems to me like it was just a try out and they figured something out for the new console.
2. PS4 remote play is getting hyped left and right at every convention and in multiple commercials.

Most dedicated game stores will probably showcase it, so I'd just try it out there when the PS4 is released, if that is the main selling point to you. I'm getting a PS4 anyway so if it works, it would just be a sweet extra to me.
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User Info: tacobelltray

3 years ago#4
They failed with the PSP/PS3 and PSV/PS3 combos.... so I wouldn't be surprised if they half-assed the next gen combo as well here in the West. I think to fully enjoy the potential of this feature, you'd have to live in Asia, where they offer better internet services.

User Info: ProzacMessiah

3 years ago#5
All else being equal, having Remote Play is better than not having it, but I won't make much use of it. Rather than play Gran Turismo in bed, I'll play it on my home theater system until I want to go to bed, and then I'll go to bed. If I lived with parents, roommates, or a wife who were always kicking me off the TV, Remote Play would have more appeal, but I'm master of my home. I spent a couple grand on a good home theater system and PS4. Why would I want to beam that content to a five inch screen and earbuds--unless I had to? It makes even less sense to me to buy a Vita primarily for this purpose, yet Sony sees Remote Play as a Vita-seller.

I'd love to have data on how and how much Remote Play is used. It could be that it gets a fair amount of use because many gamers are in living arrangements where they don't have reliable control of the household TV(s). For those that do, I think it'll prove to be a novelty, even for those who think they'll make good use of it.

It could be a meaningful value-add if it allows a local player to join you without having to split the main screen. Does the technology support that?

User Info: SharkPowah

3 years ago#6
PS4 to PSV remote play was announced to have to be done on private network at first (meaning directly connecting to PS4).

This means regardless of your internet connection it will run great. It's essentially doing the exact same thing as Wii U.
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