Should SONY make a Pokemon-like game on VITA?

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User Info: Bearbearian

3 years ago#41
Well, Puzzle and Dragons are well-received in Japan, if somebody could use a similar concept but different approach on gameplay, mechanics and add in story, it might work.

Gungho is testing market with the new Puzzle and Dragons Z for 3ds, we'll see how it goes.

User Info: amonte64

3 years ago#42
Sony definitely should!

Invizimals is not suppose to be a Pokemon killer. It should be though. Well, Sony should make a Pokemon killer. And by killer I mean something that is an actual competitor to it.

NO ONE cares if a game is a "copy," if it's similar to another game or anything like that. NO ONE is going to dismiss it or bash it because of any of that. The only people that would are the fanboys/corporate slaves and they aren't much people, they don't matter and non fanboys/corporate slaves are most of video games consumers.

PSA is an amazing game.

PSA was successful, it sold over a million.

The reason why it didn't sell more is because Sony did crap marketing with it, like usual. Also, horrible roster selection and many other things. But the core gameplay is incredible.

User Info: windmastery

3 years ago#43
BTW, noone's getting the new Invizimals on Vita?
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