Keep games on Vita I'm selling?

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User Info: MOATS7798

3 years ago#1
Is there a way to keep all the PSX/DLC on my Vita for a friend I'm selling it to?

It's just the RE series, FF3 and Limbo...

If I remove my account info will it still play for him?....

User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#2
Downloaded games and DLC can only be played by the same account that purchased it on the Vita so no. No way around it either.
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User Info: Rjmhart

3 years ago#3
Depending on how well you know your friend, you could just leave your account info on there. You probably have the option of setting it up so he can't log in to psn without your password, or if you know him really well, he could log in as you and play stuff, earn trophies, etc.

However, I personally think it's easier/worth it for him to reformat it in his own user ID and re-purchase any of those games he wants. Worst case, he could play those games first and then reformat.
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