Give me Final Fantasy XII

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User Info: CrankShaft

3 years ago#31
I want a FF12 port soooooooooo bad.
Preferably the Zodiac version we missed out on

User Info: KGTrigger

3 years ago#32
I really disliked FF12 the first time I played it, but I gave it a second go this past year and really enjoyed it. Didn't get too far though.

Would definitely buy a port to play while I poop.
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User Info: pencru

3 years ago#33
Freelance_Wolf posted...
Rjmhart posted...
From everything I've read, FFXII probably got the most mixed feedback out of all the FF's.
12 seems to be divided between people that loved it and people that hated it.

I think FFXII and FFVIII are the two FF games with the most mixed feedback. With both games, you either hate it or love it. That said, Both games are among my favourite FF games ever.

User Info: gadgaurd

3 years ago#34
Sami1000 posted...
gadgaurd posted...
Sami1000 posted...
I first hated ff12 but tried it again like few months later and loved it. I have finished it like 4 times, but those 4 times showed some annoying stuff.

If FF12 gets ported to Vita i REALLY HOPE ITS THE ZODIAC EDITION! It seems to fix every single annoying thing in the game.

I would buy the original version which was released in US and EU but not with the full price, because it would remind me the whole time that i'm playing inferior version.

What did you find annoying? I know some people point to the License system(I personally enjoyed that).

Lack of classes
Identical license boards
Too small license boards
Getting Espers to use their final attacks (just google the requirements)
Knowing that Zodiac edition is much, much better game

Just some from the top of my head. License board ana gambit system were fine to me.

I can understand all but the last two(though I disagree with all of them). For the Espers, I don't recall having to do anything complicated. Some just happened, others required the enemy to do something to you or you could do it to yourself. For the last, I just don't see that as a fault with the game.
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User Info: mishimarampoaku

3 years ago#35

If [FFX&X-2] proves successful, are you likely to do the same with other games?

We’d love a Vita version of Final Fantasy 12… I am also hoping that this HD remaster will open up some great possibilities in the future.
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User Info: thebatdadd

3 years ago#36
Hooray ports and series that should have died ages ago.

How about getting a fresh, new RPG instead?
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User Info: J_Can_Man

3 years ago#37
If IZJS is announced for Vita, I'll literally throw money at my screen.
At least I... Wait... Something... You... insult...
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