So I haven't been here in months since the "Vita is doomed" spamming topics.

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  3. So I haven't been here in months since the "Vita is doomed" spamming topics.

User Info: ServantOfErieos

4 years ago#11
Sony products have a really long shelf life.
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 years ago#12
The problem now is "Vita has no Vita games!" because all we are getting is 3DS/PS3 ports, but at least the system is picking up.
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User Info: darkphiresage

4 years ago#13
don't worry tc. vita is still doomed and it has enough nails in it's coffin to make a 2x4 blush.
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User Info: NuclearCold

4 years ago#14
Lord_Vishana posted...
The Vita has a nice selection of games currently. Sales wise it's still in a very precarious situation. The Vita 2000/Slim just released in Japan and sold 60k units. While that's a nice amount, the most important thing is that the Vita has sustainable sales. Unfortunately, this is a recurring issue where sales temporarily increase and return to low levels very quickly.

Pretty much on point.
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User Info: Bjorn_Keizers

4 years ago#15
Well, here's another new Vita owner. I just ordered a bundle with the Mega Pack that includes LBP.

Maybe, just maybe, we're finally reaching some critical mass that would push users to adopt a Vita. For me, it was a combination of several factors that got me to buy a Vita.

One: the price drops on the system and memory. The savings compared to buying six months ago means you can buy at least one or two games with it.

Two: the bundles. Most people like a good deal, me included. A pack with 10 games is an attractive option. It basically ends up costing the same as just buying the console, but you get some games to get you going.

Three: there are some great games out, and the ones that were decent are now all cheap to buy. Especially if you're buying second hand games.

Four: the infrastructure and amount of content on PSN has grown since the release.

Five: there's nothing coming out for old PSP's right now. It's a dead system if you want to buy physical media.

All this combined means people like me - the ones with old UMD PSP's and a wait-and-see-attitude - are finally moving over to the new system.

We'll see if there's a sales bump come december.
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User Info: atomicjuicer

4 years ago#16
Killzone is brilliant but with ps4 and killzone shadow fall (and the ridiculous size of the patch) I decided not to buy it until next year.

Vita still a brilliant console though. Wipeout forever!!
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