Did you buy a Vita because Playstation Plus gave you a backlog of Vita games?

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User Info: Colinp42

4 years ago#11
Pretty much! Didn't actually have to "buy" it, because I saved up points on Sony Rewards. But if I didn't have all these PS+ games I just would have used my points for PSN money. But I figured if I get the Vita free all I have to buy is a memory card and I already have a game library for it!

Might buy Persona at some point though... :)
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User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#12
No but it's one of the best reason why I'm staying with the system.

User Info: DW2189

4 years ago#13
I bought my Vita in a bundle that came with a year PS+ subscription. I play my Vita regularly and I haven't purchased a single game for it.
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User Info: IdTheDestroyer

4 years ago#14
Klon_Redfield posted...
That and P4G, yes, I was getting it anyway, but when the first batch of PS+ freebies got released I just went out to get it.

Exactly this.
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User Info: blacksinow

4 years ago#15
I think what would really have helped the VITA is it being reliant on an sd memory card then their bass ackwards memory cards that cost well over 70.00. Well, that and cloud storage, it was the one thing that IMPROVED the 360 for me, having to access my saved games from the internet without needing to bother with my memory card for that stuffs. I think sony still thinks that they can't make money without overcharging people on memory cards.

User Info: tuna-egg

4 years ago#16
YES. PS+ is the only real reason I got a Vita. I would've bought a 3DS because I had a DS previously, but PS+ won over me.

I did get a 3DS eventually, but I probably wouldn't have thought to buy a Vita if PS+ didn't exist. I wasn't that hyped about the games library, having played mostly Nintendo stuff from the previous gen.

User Info: Awesomest_Prime

4 years ago#17
No, it's not my reason nor did it factor into my decision at all. I don't have PS+ and never will pay for it, but I do wish I had a free trial so I could take advantage of the discounts.
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User Info: halfelven23

4 years ago#18
i regret joining PS+ because i have a backlog due to it...a lot of games........and i dont have much time to play anymore
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