ps vita 3.00 update sign in problem

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User Info: Leizay

3 years ago#1
Ever since I did the update everytime I put the messages or friends aplication this happens : it tells me to sign in on psn so I sign in. After I sign in the friend list screen appears, and every 4 seconds the sign in window appears so I have to sign in again over and and over this keeps happenin every 4 seconds! Can someone help please?
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User Info: mishimarampoaku

3 years ago#3
You should really browse the forum first... You need to go here:
login and accept the new TOU, and then you can continue on with psn activities!
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User Info: ntran36096

3 years ago#4
There was a Terms of Agreement that you need to agree to. I had the same problem, sign in to the Sony Entertainment Network website and an option to agree to the ToS should appear, the problem is then rectified. Hope that helps.

User Info: Angemon_23

3 years ago#5
The updated ToU was unrelated to the 3.00 update, i got the update as soon as it was released and i could still use the message app and play online for a few days. After the second time the message app told me to log in i went to Option to check my PSN status. There i was told that i needed to accept the new ToU before i could log in. It didn't told me how i could do it, just that i had to. Poor UI design.
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User Info: Leizay

3 years ago#6
Got it! Thanks! Oh sony always trolling me ...
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