What has held you back from getting Dragon's Crown?

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User Info: Raven-Z

3 years ago#51
Full retail price and no cross-buy. If I could get them both for 30 then sure, but 50 when bought separately for a 2D Brawler is overpriced IMO.
Reviews are a metric of quality. Sales are a metric of popularity.

User Info: Super_Archer

3 years ago#52
Spiffy247 posted...
I already have it.

User Info: Compass

3 years ago#53
I find beat-'em-ups boring and uninteresting.
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User Info: Elias03R

3 years ago#54
I lost count of how many times I fapped to the amazons crooked butt!
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User Info: hapexamendios69

3 years ago#55
Ooseye posted...
Doesn't look or sound like it's worth what they're asking. I'd probably pay $20 for it.

This plus I already have a big backlog of games.
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User Info: LemonKweenstaaa

3 years ago#56
The developer. I was already disappointed by Muramasa.
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User Info: LiquiDZerO

3 years ago#57
It's for folks that grew up playing beat em ups like D&D, golden axe, x men arcade, tmnt the arcade game, etc. Anyone that knows the genre knows these games aren't heavy on content or story. They're meant to be played in groups, although with AI you can solo it.

The only similar game that came out is the Scott Pilgrim game, which is even more light on the content.

Though some may not like the art style, the quality of the animation is very detailed and the sprites move very fluidly. And all classes but the sorceress and wizard have distinct playstyles whereas all other beat em ups there's little to no variations in gameplay at all.

Despite instances of slow down it's not a cheaply constructed game, so despite not being a triple A production, I believe the asking price is far considering what the dev team went through to publish the game.
"I can't begin to count the number of agents whose lives were saved by a cardboard box." -Snake

User Info: ns_85

3 years ago#58
The price.

I will never get a game for over 30 euros if it isn't something I have been waiting for over a decade or something.

User Info: ns_85

3 years ago#59
Compass posted...
I find beat-'em-ups boring and uninteresting.

This too but I like the RPG elements this game seemingly has. So I'll wait till a pricedrop or when it gets free on plus.

User Info: eighthdayregret

3 years ago#60
Dude... GET IT!
One of the best games for the Vita, hands down. I have never even played a second of multiplayer, and I still managed to put in something close to 120 hours on this game, and I'm still loving it.

In my opinion, $40 is more than fair (it's actually cheaper than that new on Amazon) for the enjoyment I've gotten outta the game.

If you like side-scrolling beat-em-ups and own a Vita, you owe it to yourself to get Dragon's Crown.
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