Shall we dream together?

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User Info: GirlsHateMyFace

4 years ago#11
Fallen_Lord posted...
GirlsbiteMyFace posted...
Fallen_Lord posted...
GirlskickMyFace posted...
I want a Vita game that's like a message board simulation. You get more points for trolling and making fanboys rage. I would be the first to Platinum that game.

I am having trouble deciding which is worse... The fact that you admit your only reason here is to troll or that you actually think that highly of yourself...such delusions of grandeur...

Where did I say my reason here is to troll? I simply said I wanted a game where I could troll an online message board simulation.

Bad reading comprehension by Failing Lord once again.

How do you keep track of all the alternate accounts you have? Do you have a spreadsheet up with different days and times to switch back and forth? It's no surprise you cannot understand your own post, much less what anyone else posts here.

Failing Lord fails at reading comprehension again and tries to change the topic instead of addressing what I posted LMAO.
Agreed. It will either be on Wii U or Vita - talesfan215
Would the power socket work on American houses? - MarkThePhoenix on Vita TV

User Info: Vitasuperfanboy

4 years ago#12
- A port or exclusive demons/dark souls
- Shadows of the Colossus HD
- Resident Evil game
- A Horror Silent Hill game
- Soul Calibur
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