Anyone else find PS Vita games too expensive?

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User Info: Starwars4J

3 years ago#41
The entitlement in this topic is astounding. The earlier poster was correct, games today are cheaper than they ever have been, and you're getting much, much more. They aren't free to make you realize. I'm not saying to never look for a good sale, but honestly whining and comparing it to Steam is more than silly.
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User Info: Lvthn

3 years ago#42
No, I find gaming on Vita to be significantly cheaper than any other console.

Comparing any console to Steam sales is an exercise in stupidity. Whole different animal, whole different market, just nothing about the two is the same. And I notice nobody is providing any sources, just naming games and prices without any further information on whether they're comparable games, or whether one is on sale.

$40 as the cap on retail games is just fine. If a game is good enough that you buy it when it's priced at retail, then clearly it's worth $40.

Also, what crack is anyone smoking to dream that games aren't drastically cheaper now than they were "back in the day." "1 anomaly" and "just 12 examples" my ass, back then if you wanted to play an RPG you paid well over $100 in today's money, maybe as high as $140+ for some (Chrono Trigger I'm looking at you). Even a common game, let's say TMNT2: The Arcade Game (NES) was $50 new back then, about $90 in today's cash. Don't think people would have been so happy about Dragon's Crown being $90 despite being a game with far more work put into it, but people were thrilled just to get the game back then.
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  3. Anyone else find PS Vita games too expensive?

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