How good is the internet browser?

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User Info: AxelPoe

3 years ago#1
Is it as good as on a tablet? I just want to know if I can, for example, edit my Facebook on it as well as I can on any tablet.

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User Info: BestInTheWorId

3 years ago#2
It gets the job done.

User Info: BlackBloodDrago

3 years ago#3
It sucks but yeah, it gets the job done.
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User Info: Kino

3 years ago#4
It works fine for basic operation, but don't expect it to be smartphone/tablet level.
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User Info: j2zon2591

3 years ago#6
Nope but it gets some things done.

Latest firmware made the occasional 40-50 second load time very, very rare.

Still pretty bad with a lot of wikia sites.

User Info: slemeip

3 years ago#7
bad, but youtube videos it does fine for some reason

User Info: bassyura

3 years ago#8
You can't even copy/paste, the most basic of browsing! I wish they would better implement the rear touch pad like pinching for zooming or double tap to go to the top/bottom of the page.
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User Info: tuna-egg

3 years ago#9
I haven't been using it recently due to the stripped functionality (copy paste nonexistent) and the annoying page auto-refreshing for no reason. It's ok for basic browsing.

Not sure if the latest firmware fixes the above issues.

User Info: mujiha

3 years ago#10
You can download music but you cannot copy and paste. Also, lately the comments section of YouTube hasn't been showing up. It's not the best but at least I can multitask from a game when I need to visit this site for a tip or something.
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