A wild Vita appears! How many people have you seen with a PS Vita?

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User Info: mralpha543

3 years ago#51
And it was my friends..

Although, I haven't seen too many 3DS either, besides at places where there's usually hipsters..
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User Info: ck920

3 years ago#52
I've seen one.
Someone was playing it in the college library at the same time I was.
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User Info: RandPC

3 years ago#53
One, someone was buying it. Truly a blessed sight.

User Info: AlcatrazL

3 years ago#54
I'm borrowing my friend's Vita and know 2 of my other friends own one. I also saw 2 people playing on the subway a bit after it released, but haven't seen any since.
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User Info: Gamemaster64

3 years ago#55
poll closed? booo.

Anyway none. I get SPs on my 3DS but I don't actually see that person with it.
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User Info: mcwaller123

3 years ago#56
mjc0961 posted...

Lol did u take that comment seriously? It wasnt towards everyone and I know my generalization isn't valid towards everyone ...but in my case, even though those multitude factors happens even with me in my area (not in a big city) and with the ppl surrounding me....some of them may not take their devices like u say, others may find weird to play their vitas in front of ppl for none reason and ya im aware of this....It's just in my case that I saw so far 27 people with a Vita outside of my house (being lucky I guess) and it was weird for some to see none people but Im aware and I understand in some circumstances and situations that they indeed didnt get a chance to see ppl with it ....now chill out, relax and dont be a mad boy :)

User Info: Fierce_Deity_08

3 years ago#57
Ah, only myself. I only have it because my brother works at Sony. (Hope he hooks me up with some games for Christmas.) Well, and I have it because of LittleBigPlanet, even though the back touchpad is hard to get used to sometimes.
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User Info: BerlingerT

3 years ago#58
I don't see very many handhelds out there, Then again, with my office job, I don't get out a lot. Out of all the handhelds I've seen, I see a little more Vitas than 3DS, though tablets highly outpopulate both.
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User Info: Xcalibur02

3 years ago#59
Seen someone with a Vita?

I've never been around anyone talking about the Vita. It's right next to the Ouya in being the most obscure system out right now. No one I know even knows it exists.
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User Info: LordTopak

3 years ago#60
A lot. Most everyone in our office got a free vita during our xmas party. You'll see groups of people playing Soul Sacrifice in our break room during lunch.
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