Vita just came in :)

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User Info: JasperGR

3 years ago#1
First off, a big middle finger to newegg and fedex for making me wait three weeks. Ordered on black friday.

Anyways, I'm loving this thing so far and I haven't even played a game haha. It has to be the screen. The first game I bought is Tearaway so I'm gonna get to it and I'll probably download gravity rush and uncharted. Made the smart decision in getting ps plus.

Quick question, every time i don't use it, should I turn it completely off? I'm afraid of a potential "burn in" or any other problems similar to that. Also, feel free to tell me your absolute favorite game on the vita. It can be an exclusive, port, indie, or even if there is a specific playstation classic you like playing on it. I'm looking forward to play mgs1 on it.

User Info: vanguard29

3 years ago#2
Ive had mine since september, and i turn it on the first time i use it during the day, and put it to sleep each time i use it, and only turn it off when i go to bed, but that is an interesting question...

Also, i really like tearaway, its a pretty fun game. My favorite game is P4G, with an honorable mention to Ys: MoC.

Hope you have fun with your vita!
Ysus season approaching. F*** whatever yall been hearing. F*** what, F*** whatever yall been playing. Adol's about to come alive again.
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