the vita section at walmart is an insult to vita owners everywhere...

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  3. the vita section at walmart is an insult to vita owners everywhere...

User Info: Tluhdatsi

3 years ago#41
I can't really hold it against retailers that they're cutting back on support for the Vita; it's sort of an unpopular machine, after all (undeservedly so, but still...). They're there to make money, and their premium display space is reserved for more profitable things.

I'm not exactly happy about it, but it's their prerogative.
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User Info: NightMareBunny

3 years ago#42
isn't the wii u just selling better than the vita? why isn't the wii u section crap
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User Info: Blyr

3 years ago#43
My walmart has a tiny Vita section, and no Wii section.

Hell, with the launch of the Xbone + PS4, they temporarily removed *all* nintendo products, 3DS games included.

Needless to say, I'm digital only. 64GB card was the best investment I could've made.
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User Info: Gallusz

3 years ago#44
Kyoshiro12345 posted...
here in Okinawa all the videogame stores have a pretty big selection of vita games, I feel bad when I go to the states and see all that crime against sony.

I envy you....
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User Info: helzefeld

3 years ago#45
NewportBox100s posted...
Yeah, the wal mart section for Vita sucks

Mine has Unit 13 and one more game .. no Vita to be found
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User Info: ravenstarsinger

3 years ago#46
I drive all over the country, and I see a lot of different Walmart and Gamestop setups. Walmart does seem to have given up on Vita, as I see more and more that do not carry any games, and some that even seem to be discontinuing the Vita and is accessories. Gamestop, however, doesn't seem to be doing that. Maybe you guys just live in particularly bad areas for the Vita, but most Gamestop stores I go to have a pretty strong presence, at least as strong as the PSP had. Considering the Vita hasn't done so well as PSP, that tells me that either Vita had a larger shelf presence than it has earned, or the PSP got less that it deserved. Practically every GS I have been to has had even obscure new games in on release day, like the collectors box for Ys: Memories of Celceta. I had a harder time finding copies of OLDER popular games like P4G. Of course, once I bought a game I had a hard time finding, it would suddenly be at every Gamestop I visited after that. The problem isn't with retail support of the Vita, the problem is with the fairly limited library of games. Most of the games are JRPG/RPG or fighting games. That isn't enough to carry a handheld.
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User Info: DaTreasureChest

3 years ago#47
My Walmart as Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway. That's it.
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3 years ago#48
XNo_FearX posted...
its amazing how the psp was such a success and the vita is pretty much a failure system. Though I still like mine.

Ultimately pirating is what made the PSP such a success...
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User Info: Ooseye

3 years ago#49
NightMareBunny posted...
isn't the wii u just selling better than the vita? why isn't the wii u section crap

Vita's been out longer. And it's not like the Wii U selection in stores is stellar or anything.
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User Info: first-doll

3 years ago#50
Honestly it's depressing. My walmart has a whole case for Wii U games and only 5 Vita games. I actually have to go to Gamestop for Vita stuff.
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  3. the vita section at walmart is an insult to vita owners everywhere...

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