Ys: Celceta and FFIV questions

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User Info: TheHunter56

3 years ago#1
Yes I realize this isn't really the forum for these questions but neither of those forums are highly trafficked.

Ys: Is it normal to run into a single monster amidst a group of monsters who just wrecks you? I haven't ever played an Ys game before and I am only up to the part where you **Spoilers** meet Ozma in a memory at the fishing village **End Spoilers**

FFIV: Having only ever played the newer FFs all the way through (7 through 13) I am not sure if this is commonplace or not, but it never fails that every once in a while in a dungeon or field I run into a group of extremely strong enemies that seem to do considerably more damage than normal and take considerably longer to kill than normal.

Neither of these things are hindering my games I just am curious if these things are normal or if I am doing something wrong.
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User Info: fullofwin

3 years ago#2
About Ys...

Early on there are some big monkey and dragon creatures that are best to avoid, so yes this is normal.
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