Absolute best games on the PSN?

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User Info: Cannon_Sam

3 years ago#1
I have about 30 bucks sitting on my PSN account and am about to go on a trip without wifi, so I'm looking to download some decent titles on the PSN. I'm a plus user, so suggest away! What are your absolute favorites?

I already own:
Persona 4 G
Dragon's Crown
Killzone Mercenary
PS All Stars
Gravity Rush
Twisted Metal 2
Ice cold! Safari -- Bergmite, Spheal, Cloyster
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User Info: Trupp88

3 years ago#2

User Info: ResetTears

3 years ago#3
Some ideas I'll throw out:
Sound Shapes
Blazblue Calamity Trigger
Pinball Arcade
Corpse Party
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Currently playing: Sakura Wars, Persona 3 FES, Ghost Trick
Hotline Miami should still be free on PS+. Very cool game.
Anaheim Ducks

User Info: Boney00

3 years ago#5
PSN, Steam and NNID: Bones00 3DS FC: 3136 6642 8964

User Info: Fibber_McGee

3 years ago#6
Everything already mentioned is good. Also:

Stealth Inc.
Runner 2

On the PSP side I'm really enjoying the LocoRoco and Patapon games.

User Info: PJB-11

3 years ago#7
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath! One of my favourite games.
Now Playing: (PS3) Zone of the Enders 2
(Vita) Persona 4 Golden

User Info: Sami1000

3 years ago#8
Soul sacrifice. Its difficult, and very frustrating at points, but its deserves higher score than 7/5 imo. Its also very portable game, because it has short missions (unless fighting bosses under powered) and story can be paused and read again if something else needs your attention.

User Info: 2nd_striker

3 years ago#9
guilty gear ac +r
metal slug anthology
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User Info: Albinosquid

3 years ago#10
If were talking PSN exclusives:

Little Kings Story
Atelier Totori
Malicious Rebirth
Squids' a Canadian.
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