monster hunter/clone PSP games

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User Info: knickschamps

4 years ago#1
Planning to get 3 monster hunter type of games for PSP on PSN tomorrow..

So far im lookin towards Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Gods Eater Burst, and Lord of Arcana..

any that I'm missing?

User Info: OriahKahn

4 years ago#2
arcana is bad and you should ignore it.

User Info: akshat_316

4 years ago#3
Wait for toukiden. It is also on psp but I am not sure if the psp version will release in the west. It should since it is the same game at least on psn

User Info: helzefeld

4 years ago#4
Toukiden and Ragnarok are just around the corner
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User Info: knickschamps

4 years ago#5
Um basically I am new to the genre. Soul Sacirifice is like one of the coolest things ever to me so I wanna check out other games. Im not very picky and money is not an issue. I just asked if there is other PSP titles on PSN for the genre. I am WELL AWARE of the VITA games out and coming out.

User Info: Fray_Maken

4 years ago#6
MHFU and GEB are great choices.

Pass on LOC.

I would recommend Peace Walker as your third purchase. While not 100% the same as MHFU and GEB. It's still a hub mission based game with a military tone that's a great game that might prevent you form getting burn out on pure monster hunting.

How would I love to tell you to grab Phantasy Star Portable 2 but its no longer with us.
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