I went to GameStop, and saw that...

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User Info: DarkLaguna

3 years ago#31
The gamestop stores in my area (there's like 3 within a 20 mile radius, even two within walking distance of each other; one is in the mall, one is across the street =P) all have a great selection of Vita games, as well as other console games. The only sections really lacking are the PC games.

I prefer digital copies anyway; I can switch between games easily with my PC, and never have to worry about losing/damaging/etc. a physical copy. If you have wifi, you have access to every game for the Vita, as well as a large selection of PSP and PS1 games, and don't have to hunt game stores for a physical copy. =P
I feel a draft on my butt...

User Info: TediousMatt

3 years ago#32
talesfan215 posted...
I just realized, we get topics like this pretty much every day, but only a few posts pictures.

How would one post pictures of a store having no Vita games at all?
I'm curious because both of the local retailers in my town have no Vita games (also a tiny selection for 3DS btw, needed to go to another town for zelda...).
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