Getting anything on the sale today?

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User Info: USMCinfinity

3 years ago#1
I'm getting Tales of Xilia.
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User Info: AftComet

3 years ago#2
I think at this price, everyone who doesn't own Killzone Mercenary is obligated to buy it. It's an AAA game at a ridiculous price.
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User Info: ellieandjoel

3 years ago#3
im not gonna spend much since i brougt xillia and killzone recently
i already own thomas and spelunky on pc

User Info: Spiffy247

3 years ago#4
I would if I could assemble enough money. I have to save the money I have now.
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User Info: Auron_Masamune

3 years ago#5
Right now

Tales of Xillia
Lone Suvivor
Thomas Was Alone
Walking Dead
Velocity Ultra

I might get Killzone, Sly, and Peace Walker
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User Info: CaptainLuka

3 years ago#6
Killzone for sure. Maybe Velocity Ultra.
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User Info: CameleonMK

3 years ago#7
Thomas Was Alone
Velocity Ultra

Considering lone and stealth but not definite.
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User Info: halfelven23

3 years ago#8
killzone for now
PSN ID: Gogunners23

User Info: Hardley_Smith

3 years ago#9
killzone looks awful. tripple a cod clones can stay on consoles
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Final Fantasy2389 3 years ago#10

Epic mickey 2
Killzone (the large download is my only concern. I have an 8GB nearly full. I'd have to delete stuff).
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