What game are you currently playing on your Vita ?

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User Info: Nnamz

3 years ago#51
The Walking Dead, Killzone (for platinum), and Tearaway (for platinum).

User Info: highflyer_01

3 years ago#52
Vita game that's in the system? P4G

Last game I played, and am still playing, whenever I get around to it? FF VI

User Info: hypermoe

3 years ago#53
Just bought Killzone thanks to the 14 Sale, been playing a bit of campaign which is fun! ive been meaning to get back into Disagea, not sure why i stop playing, but i need to get back into it! Also been on and off with Spelunky!
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User Info: tuna-egg

3 years ago#54
Hatsune Miku Project Diva f FTW!!!

User Info: Echo02

3 years ago#55
Muramasa Rebirth, Alien Breed and Final Fantasy VII right now.
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User Info: dude_meister512

3 years ago#56
Tomb Raider 3 (PS1 classic)

User Info: filanimetor

3 years ago#57
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace (R3) most of the time...then DOA 5+ once in a while...
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User Info: gray_fox_00

3 years ago#58
God Eater 2, Ys, and Sly 4 mostly.
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User Info: Apocalypsah

3 years ago#59
Everybody's Golf
Sonic & Allstars Racing Transformed
Superfrog HD

Been playing the sh*t out of my Vita.

User Info: Gotrys

3 years ago#60
Nothing. Waiting for Danganronpa.
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