Wow. Tearaway is friggin' AWESOME.

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User Info: VampireRonin

3 years ago#1
I wish I would've believed the hype sooner. I played the demo and was kind of "meh" about it, but I recently picked up the full game and just started playing it today. What an incredible little adventure game. It's so happy, light-hearted, and nifty. Possibly the most innovative presentation style of a video game since Wind Waker. I will definitely replay it, and I'm loving the music and overall atmosphere of the game. This is really a game that people should play.

Some pre-emptive responses:

*insert "I'll wait until it's $10" comment here*

That's fine, go ahead and wait, but I paid $40 plus tax, am about 30% done with the game, and if it had just ended where I thought it was going to end, I would have not complained because the experience itself is so cool.

*insert "meh this game looks like it's for kids and I have no heart" comment here*
This game will cure your depression.

*insert "I heard the campaign can be beaten in 1 microsecond!" comment here*
Yes, and a round of Poker lasts about 3 minutes yet people sit and play it for hours!

So, long story short, go freakin' buy Tearaway.
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User Info: twistedreality1

3 years ago#2
Bought it for $25 new off eBay, will be delivered Tuesday. Looking forward to playing it
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User Info: Djwlfpack9

3 years ago#3
Glad to hear it. I'm starting this game either tonight or tomorrow.

User Info: NewportBox100s

3 years ago#4
Paid 20 bucks for mine, new, from Amazon.

User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#5
I paid like 18 bucks for it on the PSN sale.

I really loved the game though. It used the vitas features like the camera, touch screen and rear touch pad in cool ways without feeling gimmicky. The graphics were really cool too and the whole game was really cute and charming. Creating things out of the paper was cool too. It was a tad on the shorter side but that wasn't much of an issue. I would have liked it to have been longer but it was still a great game.
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User Info: Akihiko__Sanada

3 years ago#7
I played the demo and absolutely loved it. So I bought it for $40... but then the novelty wore off, and I only played it for an hour before never playing it again.
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User Info: alexg1989

3 years ago#8
I had high hopes for this game but it fell short. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but I didn't love it like I thought I would. I initially expected to platinum it, but half-way in I sort of just stopped caring. I at times even went a few days without playing it even though its such a short game. In all, I think it lasted me about 2 weeks for a total of about maybe 6 or so hours of play-time.

Its spectacularly easy, which was disappointing also. I have sort of the same complaint as I do about Gravity Rush in that it's game-world is pretty barren despite being given the appearance of a hugely lively experience.

Having said that, there's nothing bad I can say about the game's controls, which is a huge achievement in itself considering it relies almost exclusively on gimmicks, which I tend to dislike.

User Info: Kino

3 years ago#9
Played it for a while on friend's Vita, didn't find it worth buying.

User Info: cod4lyfe1997

3 years ago#10
I really want to play it but since I got my Vita a few weeks ago I have too many games right now that I have to finish.
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