buying a vita. what should my first game be?

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User Info: wackyteen

3 years ago#21
due to issues, i couldn't get Ys when i bought my vita but i ended up getting P4G and Rayman Origins.

is the CE of Ys worth getting if you've never really played a game from the series? or should i save the 20 dollars and get something else, like NFS?

plan on picking up Ys and other mentioned titles this weekend.
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User Info: zandm7

3 years ago#22
IMO you should get P4G above all else but either Tearaway or Ys is not a bad choice either.
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User Info: Madmartagon

3 years ago#23
I got my vita on xmis and first game i played was the walking dead great game def recommend playing that first if you want a story driven game.

User Info: JustinFF

3 years ago#24
Persona 4 Golden is the top rated game on Vita, and for good reason.

Seriously though, if you enjoyed VC2 on PSP, just redownload it onto your Vita - it looks awesome on the larger screen. Even if your PSP copy was physical it's cheap as chips right now and so is the DLC. There's a bit of a hassle getting it though, so you'll need patience:

US store: You can buy it from the SEN website (not from your Vita), but you'll have to download it to PC or PS3 and then transfer it across to Vita. This is because they wrongly set the compatibility to PSP only, and haven't got around to fixing it yet so it appears as incompatible in your download list (even though it works fine on Vita)

EU store: You can buy it from your Vita and download it directly. However, if you want the DLC pack, you'll have to buy that on SEN and do the same as above (for the same reasons)

Edit: Also, forget about the 3G version - it's so not worth it, as the 3G isn't a good enough connection for either remote play or downloading games, so all you can do with it is browse the internet, check your e-mail and go on the PSN store. All of these you can do from your smartphone while out and about.
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  3. buying a vita. what should my first game be?

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