Best Fighting Game on Ps Vita

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User Info: wEEman33_VI

3 years ago#31
There's no Divekick on this list.

Therefore, it is invalid.
Nothing is not

User Info: OhGoodGrief

3 years ago#32
Fighting game of my choice is the gamefaqs PlayStation Vita message board.


User Info: BerlingerT

3 years ago#33
I don't know about Best, but I've had the most fun with PlayStation All-Stars and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
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User Info: gamezero6

3 years ago#34
I think UMvC3 is my least favorite and Injustice online needs some tweaking.

1. BlazBlue - Favorite Vita Fighter
2. SFxTekken - Best Fighter for online play
3. DOA+ - Best fully 3D Fighter on Vita... also the only full 3D Fighter on Vita

toadieman posted...
Vita needs a standard Tekken.

Rumour that Tekken Revolution(Complete Edition?) maybe coming to Vita?

Harada has noted he has somethings planned later this year... I believe he said he had one specifically for Vita owners?

So which would you guys rather have? Namco-Bandai Fighters:
Tekken Revolution
Tekken Tag 2
Soul Calibur: Lost Swords
Soul Calibur V Plus
Naruto Fighter
JoJo All Stars
Another NB Fighter
New Fighter IP
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User Info: ripse3

3 years ago#35
I have DOA 5 Plus & BlazBlue CSE...This Is 3D & 2D Fighting Games with Awesome & Beautiful Graphics...Ever

User Info: bluedmon

3 years ago#36
Blazblue is really good but it has extreme depth to it which makes it hard (for me personally) to learn characters. I was just play the DOA5 demo since the game is currently $20 at gamestop and it has a great tutorial and im thinking of picking it up. Looks lovely as well.
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User Info: Elias03R

3 years ago#37
Buying blazblue at this point is pointless considering the online is dead. Fighting games are a competetive genre. Always invest on fighting games with strong active online. My money is on injustice and sfxt. Doa online is dead too.
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User Info: Creator_Izanagi

3 years ago#38
I like Gundam Seed: Battle Destiny but DOA5+ got my vote!

Gundam Breaker is good too. (2935 posts)

User Info: gamezero6

3 years ago#39
Wow I found more players online on DOA5+ than Injustice?

Also if you're a fan of Fighters and own a Vita, 2014 may be the year for you.
~Legend of Raven
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~Ultra Street Fighter 4(it will be on Vita)

~Tekken Revolution
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~SkullGirls Encore
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