I think I've pretty much exhausted the library

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User Info: MTHEL

3 years ago#31
Same here, burned through every game worth playing on the PSN Store, up to and including PSP games. Funny thing is, most of the games this board loves to hype-Persona 4 Golden, Hotline Miami, and Spelunky-are junk of the lowest order. Gravity Rush, Gravity Rush 2, and Declassified will be the only decent lifetime exclusives worth noting at this rate.
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User Info: Welverin

3 years ago#32
Sound Shapes
Rayman Oranges/Legumes
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
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User Info: JustinFF

3 years ago#33
Honestly, if they stopped releasing any games after mid-this year, I'd still have enough games to keep me going for the next 2 years. This lot is just my current library:

Final Fantasy VI to IX
Front Mission 3

Valkyria Chronicles 2 & all DLC
Trails in the Sky
Persona 1, 2 & P3P
Mana Khemia
Tactics Ogre

Persona 4 Golden
Valhalla Knights 3 (Yeah, it was on sale, and I had to see how awful it was)
Soul Sacrifice
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend
Jak and Daxter Trilogy
Gravity Rush
Oddworld HD
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Dynasty Warriors Next (via PS+ next month)

Buying soon:
Final Fantasy X/X-2
Conception II
Demon Gaze
Maybe Muramasa Rebirth & Minecraft
Borderlands 2

Buying on import IF they have English subs / menus
Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
Phantasy Star Nova #SegaHatesUs
Freedom Wars

How can you honestly exhaust the entire library when you have 3 full systems worth of games to play through, and there are at least 5 or 6 great games coming out in the next few months?

User Info: EnCFusion

3 years ago#34
I can't recommend Guacamelee! and Soul Sacrifice enough. While Guacamelee doesn't have much in the replayability department, Soul Sacrifice provides TONS of it. Think Monster Hunter combined with old folk tales. The stories they tell are beautiful.

User Info: Jon_God

3 years ago#35
PS3 Fan, but doesn't mind other systems. PSN: Jon_God, XBL: Ernie the Bear

User Info: lucapit

3 years ago#36
Your a game freak
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User Info: Startropic1

3 years ago#37
stalemate_666 posted...

Your problem is looking in actual stores, they stock vita games horribly go amazon or just through psn.

I have Zen Pinball 2 and Dragon Fantasy Book I on my Vita (came free with my purchases of the PS3 versions)

I have PSOne games Grandia, Pandemonium!, and CastleVania:SotN copied from my PS3. (I'll have CastleVania Chronicles soon, it's on my PS3 but not my Vita yet, long story.)
I also have some minis: Athena, Psycho Soldier, & T.N.K.III (btw how stupid is it that T.N.K. III is locked to PSP controls. The original arcade cabinet controls were dual joysticks. I bought the game on PS3, and I can't use the 2nd analog stick on my PS3 or Vita. The game does play a LITTLE better with the more customizable controls on the vita though.)

I have heard the vita is a good place for RPGs, but I'm not seeing a lot that would be my preference. I tried the demo of Soul Sacrifice and it just wasn't for me. I prefer turn based JRPG style RPGs and action RPGs. No strategy stuff, (though I didn't mind Jean D'Arc that much), and no first person dungeons ala Shin Megami Tensei, (although the Persona spinoff series doesn't really have these, and I do enjoy that series.), Bard's Tale, Wizardy, etc. The only times I actually liked an RPG that were first person were the rather obscure PC game Obitus, and Dungeon Master originally on SNES.

User Info: GodMWOLF

3 years ago#38
MTHEL posted...
Gravity Rush, Gravity Rush 2, and Declassified will be the only decent lifetime exclusives worth noting at this rate.

Mother of God
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User Info: nophoria

3 years ago#39
GodMWOLF posted...
MTHEL posted...
Gravity Rush, Gravity Rush 2, and Declassified will be the only decent lifetime exclusives worth noting at this rate.

Mother of God

Lol. But yeah, calling Spelunky and Persona trash is funny, especially when you read that.

User Info: hoopotus

3 years ago#40
I also thought I've exhausted the library when I had played about 3 games and tried 3 more's demo versions, but then I realized there's quite a bit more of them.

We all have our preferences in games, right? I can also recommend Unit 13, I loved that game and still do but I've played all the missions about 10 times. I liked Guacamelee until the boss I couldn't kill in 30 or so retries, so I uninstalled it. The good thing is that I didn't pay for it but it came with the free 30-day PS+ trial I got with one game. Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a good game, yes. Could have had a little more to do, but even after beating the 21 zones of the story, it's still good time killing. Also, I like Call of Duty, especially the Hostiles mode, even though that game has got really bad reviews. And Shinobido 2, bad reviews but there's a nice atmosphere in it. I just got Ninja Gaidem Sigma 2, not played it yet.

I'm really looking forward to getting Ys: Memories of Celceta. According to Wikipedia, it's going to be released in Europe Feb 14.
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