What is a good screen protector for the Vita?

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User Info: xxgamer91xx

3 years ago#1
I bought a Vita two days ago and I was looking for a screen protector. Does anyone have a brand they recommend that covers the front screen and the touch pad on the back?

User Info: shadow_goldorak

3 years ago#2
I just went with being careful. I hate screen protectors.
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User Info: Spiffy247

3 years ago#3
I used the screen protector that came with the 4GB accessory kit. I put it on almost perfectly.
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User Info: Justice98405

3 years ago#4
I bought the accessory kit too, the one that has the neoprene sleeve for the Vita, I think it's a 2 gig memory card, earbuds, a screen protector and a microfiber cleaning cloth. I think that is all that was in it, it was from Sony themselves if I remember correctly.

The screen protector in that was easily put on, and it's been working great.

Past that one, I'd recommend the Hori brand ones. I have a Hori on both my 3DS XL screens and my Wii U Gamepad's screens, and they're great!
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User Info: OhGoodGrief

3 years ago#5
Amazon has the official one for 2 dollars last time I looked.
It is also part of the starter kit spiffy mentioned. That's where I got mine.
I too put it on perfectly because I have basic problem solving skills.
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  3. What is a good screen protector for the Vita?

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