What should be the next game I get?

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User Info: iDoneGotU

3 years ago#21
Is it the same person making these type of threads?
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User Info: vazurahan

3 years ago#22
Tearaway. Those exclusive first party games need more sales if you want to keep getting Vita exclusive games.

User Info: dude_meister512

3 years ago#23
*TC says he wants a break from RPGs*

*GameFAQs tells him to buy Persona 4*

Never change.

User Info: Encephlon

3 years ago#24
I suggest not getting one. Break the cycle. Go cold turkey.
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User Info: stargazer64

3 years ago#25
Tearaway, then Gravity Rush.
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User Info: 2wingedangel

3 years ago#26
Sabram posted...
I voted for Toukiden.

It's probably got the best overall package for a game out of the list. P4G seems to rest too heavily on long story sequences, SS is a bit heavy on it as well, which would be fine except the genre it belongs to usually doesnt NEED that much story, so it seems a bit bogged down (although it is a GREAT story).

Katamari is fun but gets old fast, Gravity Rush doesnt have all that much replay ability unfortunately, Wipeout is good, but unless you're heavy into racing games you'll just get frustrated with it, Blazblue is a great fighter, but takes a long time to get used to if you're new to the series, and if you are new be prepared to get your butt handed to you online, when you can find a game.

Toukiden has a good bit of action, some story which doesnt get in the way of the game, lots of replayability, and has a party function online and offline that works MUCH better than the one in SS (in the demo for Toukiden, I was the only one on the team that got knocked down to the big monster, in SS my allies are total wusses)

Comes out in less than a week so snag it up and I'll look forward to playing with you online.

When I played Soul Sacrifice's demo, it was probably the only M game that actually felt mature. The action wasn't too shabby either. Although I enjoy using a variety of attacks, I didn't care too much for the use limit for each one.

I've never played a Katamari game, but I've been wanting to try it, even if it's only really good in small doses. I just hope it has a free play mode. Gravity Rush's demo was also really good; I take back any bad things I said about it before.

From what I played of Wipeout 2048's demo, it looks like F-Zero with SASRT's items. As long as it doesn't have anything like Death Wind or GX's impossible difficulty, I should be good there.

The only concerning thing is BlazBlue. If it has a good training mode, I can at least hope to do fairly well. I'll admit that I'm terrible at conventional fighters. I've played Street Fighter, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and Injustice, and totally failed at all of them.

I agree with you on Toukiden. My main issue with Monster Hunter was that rewards for grinding weren't guaranteed. That's not an issue with Toukiden, as you can usually upgrade your weapons pretty easily. However, I found it to be pretty easy, since I only ever had trouble with the boss at the beginning (the giant human-shaped oni). This could just be from my experience with MH, but I'd like to see what others thought about the difficulty.
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User Info: Sami1000

3 years ago#27
Soul sacrifice is damn good game. It has its own learning curve with its spells and how to use them right, and which spells work best for certain bosses.

It doesn't get that boring either, even though you are just killing, and killing, and killing all the time. It has good variety or maps, which also look fantastic. It has really good lore too. Its like close to a hundred or more small stories packed into the game, and the actual main story is pretty interesting too. Its very unique game in some ways.

Summoning Golem for the first time feels great, and breaking cursed parts of the monster when the black blood starts flying everywhere looks sick.

Toukiden might be pretty good game too.

Stay away from Persona 4 golden, right now, if you are burnt out of the rpg's. Definitely buy that game when you feel like playing long rpg with long story.
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