Games that can be called Vita games?

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User Info: NinjamanXXXX

3 years ago#1
I've been playing Persona 4 Golden and Wow,Even though its a Ps2 game Adaptation its still great as ever and can definitely pass as a Vita game compared to the other ones.Undeniably worth you're money with just its contents.
Rayman Origins is also a great game,its Fantastic its really lets Every feature of the Vita come in to light an uses it properly.

Just an hour ago,I bought Injustice Ultimate Edition,You can seriously see the Difference between the Console and Hand held Versions.Even though I never played the Console Version,The difference is in plain sight,Seriously the Cinematics in the main menu is Blurry as hell, like 240p-ish? 360p? And in Battle the Background are way too obvious that its been downgraded.Maybe I'm Overestimating the Vita capabilities but Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 doesn't have any issues I expected it to be the same for the Other fighting games.

Silent hill:Book of memories Is Meh.Its a Vita game, But its just a dungeon crawler and that's it.Its repetitive and If you're not a hardcore Dungeon Crawler guy you Probably get bored it in a few hours.Since it lacks story and Mostly Content.

Anyway,Can you guys give out Games that is Seriously awesome and worth My money and time? Been thinking about YS: Memories of celceta,Dragon ball Z,Ragnarok Ace,Soul sacrifice and Disgaea 3.
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User Info: GodMWOLF

3 years ago#2
So great games that aren't downgraded that much...

Ninja Gaiden Sigma+
Soul Sacrifice
BlazBlue(perfect ps3 port)
Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
Danganronpa(psp enhanced port)
Dragon's Crown ( a little slowdown)

And coming out in march
J-Stars Victory Versus (best anime crossover game ever)
Project Diva F2nd

Might want to check out a few titles from here TC especially the last two
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User Info: speedy5212

3 years ago#3
As far as fighters are concerned, both MK9 and Injustice have bad port syndrome. UMvC3 is super well done, Blazblue looks even better on Vita and DoA5 Plus is also picture + performance perfect.

The above list is good but I would add more:

Killzone Mercenary
Muramasa Rebirth
Sound Shapes
Wipeout 2048
Soul Sacrifice (bit blurry though, SS Delta looks much better but not in english yet)
LBP Vita
Virtua Tennis 4
Rayman Legends
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush (again, aliasing and bit blurry but open world and runs great)
Virtue's Last Reward

Those are some good games from the top of my head that look great and perform great on vita.

User Info: speedy5212

3 years ago#4
Playstation All-Stars
Disgaea 3
DJ Max Technika
Hot Shots Golf
Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed
Unit 13 (not very fun for me but it is well made)

Oh and Danganronpa, Demon Gaze Conception 2, Project Diva F and FFX HD collection out soon. Also games that look + run great on vita.

Forgot a bit but since there's no edit button eh.
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