Glad I chose to Wait till April

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User Info: vorlon_shadow14

3 years ago#1
I am so, so glad I am waiting until April to get my Vita. Now not only do I get me a New Vita, now I can get the Awesome Redesigned Vita with Borderlands 2 + 8GB Memory Stick.

This is a lot better deal then me going ReFurbished with Nothing but a 4GB and P4 G, now I can get 2 Games + an 8Gb which to me is a 10x better deal.

Also I have never played Borderlands 2 now I can play it + Its DLC Content this is why it is best to wait you can get more bang for your Buck. Cant wait to play my Vita got lots of catching up to do.

It is going to be hard juggling all my consoles & My Portables + my Anime DVDs I love to get so I have to make some sort of Bundle type deal & get the best ones then others later on down the road.

I am sure it will not take me long to break in my Vita, I am hoping out of these 100 New Games supposedly coming to the Vita that North America finally will get God Eater 2 or Soul Sacrifice Delta to Phantasy Star

Going to be fun playing games such as YS to Dragonrapa to Demon Gaze looking forward to E3 to see what else is in store maybe some new IPs or something else ported.

Just wondering why Bioware dosent port over Mass Effect or Dragon Age games on the Vita be awesome to play these Portable Sized. Could be cause they are too big & Massive to be put onto the Vita.

Still 2014 is looking Strong for the Vita so much for a console many of you claim is DEAD.

The Same is going to happen with the Wii U in 2014 beginning with Bayonetta 2.

Also would be Sweet if 2K Games would Port over WWE 2K15 this year on the Vita.

User Info: L_arc

3 years ago#2
Whoa! slow down. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

User Info: bushidomaster

3 years ago#3
Borderlands 2 has the best experience on the pc, so if you've never played it, the vita will most likely have a less impressive visuals, and no physX, which really is what made the chaos in borderlands 2 stand out among other titles.

(From a gamer's stand point)
As for ME3 and DA, borderlands 2's style doesn't suffer much from turning down the graphics dial as much. Heck, the textures on the PC weren't even that high to begin with. I think a lot more work would go into scaling down ME and DA's graphics and art style without making the game look horrible, but I think the main reason is the Vita, a handheld, really does not meld with with games like ME and DA, they are really games you sit down and play, and not play on the go in a bus.

(From a business standpoint)
It wouldn't generate enough revenue, most people played ME and DA, so why do all the work of taking a game everyone has probably played and porting it to a handheld? Ports are not that easy (if done right). Vita has an entirely different architecture than the PS3 or 360. It's not worth the money.

Also, lastly, I think the Vita's success (and the reason for getting one) should be that the Vita has games you really only play on the Vita; games that do the Vita justice, like Tearaway. It fits a handheld perfectly and uses all the features of the Vita, it's a game made FOR the Vita with no doubt. Gravity rush is another example. That is why you should buy a Vita -- the games the Vita offers and noone else does or just cannot deliver the same experience. It should not be a device that just has a huge collection of scaled down console ports.

User Info: selfdeztruction

3 years ago#4
I still have my FEB Vita from it's launch date and have been able to save roughly 50% off each game that I've bought (all digital, have filled a 4GB, 8GB & 32GB card) and I'm glad that I didn't wait because alot of those launch games aren't very active online anymore and I got to enjoy them when they were still the hot new Vita games.

I'm glad that you're finally getting a Vita and that you'll be a fellow vault hunter.
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User Info: litebritedeath

3 years ago#5
Um all signs point to the borderlands 2 bundle being released on May 31st so it's going to be farther off than April.
PSN - litebritedeath82

User Info: vorlon_shadow14

3 years ago#6
I am just saying the Vita looks impressive some of the games I have seen are almos comparable towards Next Gen being games like Dragonrapa which have been getting stellar reviews & high praise.

Look I have both DA & ME Series on my Console, I think it would be a nice Plus to replay those in Portable Fasion being able to Re Do the Trophies also Bioware or Edge of Reality could also make a new Engine that would Make DA & ME be Compatible for the Vita & Push the Vita to its Limits.

Or Bioware could make Offshoots of DA & ME games being Brand new Specifically Designed Portable games with Brand New Story Lines being a In-Betweener Story Deal like a 3.5 or with Dragon Age it would be a 2.5 deal connecting to Inquisition the Deal would be about the Novel Asunder. You could also call the new IP Dragon Age: Asunder

With Mass Effect 3.5 I would make it to be a Connector Bridge leading up to the Opening Sequence of ME 4 showing us what to expect & what it would be without Shepard.

Also I think Square-Enix should Port over Final Fantasy 13 being all 3 games with DLC Content.

Another game I think would be Vita Worthy would be Drakengard 3 but me I am getting my PS3 Copy.

Also regarding the PS Vita Borderlands deal based on my research it is coming sometime in March or April not May like you say.

The Borderlands Vita is going to be 199.99

Comes with 8GB Memory, Borderlands 2 with 6 DLC Content, Newly Redesigned Vita.

User Info: Rjmhart

3 years ago#7
It's good that you are getting a Vita and I am sure you will enjoy it. I've had fun with mine since I bought it.

The Borderlands 2 Vita bundle was announced officially on the ps blog a few days ago and it does sound like May. Still, it sounds like you have some stuff to keep you busy till then.

In the meantime, you should consider ps+ if you haven't already. I think Gravity Rush and Wipeout are still out there as freebies, so you could put those in your history now and DL them later.
The Vita is a great system

User Info: vorlon_shadow14

3 years ago#8
Rjmhart, I am actually very excited on the Vita, the reason I have waited so long on the Vita is I am a smart gamer, I know when is the best time to get these consoles. This comes from 30 years of gaming experience.

I let the consoles build up, I let the games go on by cause I know eventually down the road they will always be a GOTY or Ultimate version of them. Only few games never recieve these such as Dragon Age 2 or Mass Effect or most Bioware games minus that of Ultimate did.

I have so many games lined up looking forward to play YS since I collect those games, also Dragonrapa looks Most interesting & also diffrent which is a PLUS. I may also down the road get me an additional 8GB this should house all of my storage needs. Then I still have to get me a Carry Case & some sort of storage for my Vita Games.

I am also lookin forward to seeing these new Upcoming games could we get GOD EATER 2, Soul Sacrifice Delta maybe the Tales of Innocence or Hearts I forget which one of those is a 3DS deal.
I know the PS3 is getting Tales of Zestria in 2015 while this year we get TOX-2.

& yes I am super busy right now - Final Fantasy, Fable, Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, TOS Chronicles followed by South Park, The Witch & Hundred Knights, then Drakengard 3 closing out 2014 with Dragon Age 3.

So super busy in 2014 between my Consoles & my Portables keep in mind we still dont know what E3 wil be Bringing us Could Mass Effect 4, Final Fantasy 15, KH 3 or the new ZOE to Persona 5 be shown. AWESOME .

Glad to be a Gamer now, this year is BEYOND INSANE.

User Info: GamerRaf

3 years ago#9
Enjoy the LCD. I'll be enjoying my OLED.
"Lets release a console with no games and no marketing." -Satoru Iwata, 2012

User Info: Miu_san

3 years ago#10
We're not getting Phantasy Star Nova nor God Eater 2. Both localisers in charge when queried said that they have absolutely zero plans for them.
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