Good psp/ps1 games for vita

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User Info: N1Prinny

3 years ago#1
Topic. Name some good psp/ps1 games compatible with vita i would like to increase my library of psp/ps1 games. I have disgaeas, personas, corpse party, prinny, black rock shooter, and silent hill.
Doodbro, do you even lift?

User Info: N1Prinny

3 years ago#2
also have dissidia
Doodbro, do you even lift?

User Info: Sami1000

3 years ago#3
PSP games

Dissidia 012
Tactics ogre let us cling together
Gods eater burst
Monster hunter freedom unite

Ps1 classics

Final fantasy 7-9
Parasite eve 2
Resident evil 1-3

User Info: mijumarufan

3 years ago#4
phantom brave

spyro trilogy
cradh bandicoot 1,2 and 3
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User Info: AnthranDawn122

3 years ago#5
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Best $20 I have ever spent!
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User Info: resistor75

3 years ago#6
Tactics ogre (I put almost as much time in this game as I did with disgaea 4)
Ys oath in felghana

Any final fantasy but 9 looks really good IMO.
Vagrant Story
Chrono Cross
Breath of fire 4 (another great looking game that held up well)
Front mission 3 (a strategy game like disgaea but with mechs and a more serious plot that takes 2 of my favorite games ever)

User Info: este914

3 years ago#7
~-> este914 <-~
Mind Over Matter.

User Info: kabutokouji

3 years ago#8
final fantasy type-0

User Info: resistor75

3 years ago#9
kabutokouji posted...
final fantasy type-0

I don't know where TC is but we don't get fftype0 in NA cause Sony hates us.

User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

3 years ago#10
I was on the fence about Trails in the Sky. I would want the Premium Edition but it's a little pricey and that obviously isn't a digital option outside of the game itself.

I definitely would recommend Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. The Lunar series has been my favorite rpg series and it hurts me deeply that we will never see a Lunar 3.
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