Which should I get Ragnarok or Soul Sacrifice

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User Info: vorlon_shadow14

3 years ago#1
I am getting me 2 games for my Vita when I get my Vita in April. I am choosing between Ragnarok Odyssey or Soul Sacrifice I can only choose 1 of these cause I am getting TOS Chronicles with Persona 4 Golden.

I hear both good reviews on these games but torn between which of these I should get. I get the feeling that Soul Sacrifice is told in a Book Form or some sort of deal like that.

While Ragnarok is Monster Hunter meets PSP. But unknown if Ragnarok has a storyline in it or not or is it Side Mission & Monster Hunting with NO STORY so once again I am torn.

With P4 I know what I am getting cause I have the PS2 version.

User Info: toadieman

3 years ago#2
ragnarok is garbage.

User Info: knightmere122

3 years ago#3
Option 3: Toukiden
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User Info: Rjmhart

3 years ago#4
knightmere122 posted...
Option 3: Toukiden


I haven't heard good things about Ragnarok but if you do get it, get the enhanced version R.O. Ace coming out soon.

Soul Sacrifice has a great story. It's twisted and dark and different than anything I've seen in a game. SS has a combat system that let's you abuse the combat system by locking the monster down. It is also riddled with fairly complicated menus that can be confusing at first. There is an enhanced version of this game called SS Delta so I would wait for that. SS is still a good overall experience so I recommend you keep it in mind.

Ironically Toukiden is also getting an enhanced version. At least, that's what it looks like based on a trademark filing by the company recently. Toukiden is much more straightforward than SS. It's pretty easy to compare the stats of the different upgrades for a helmet, or gauntlets for instance. I'm really enjoying it so far. Seeing as the enhanced version of this game isn't even confirmed, it will be awhile before we see it, if at all.

SS story > Toukiden. Toukiden gameplay > SS
The Vita is a great system.

User Info: j2zon2591

3 years ago#5
If you really have to get RO, wait for RO:A in a few weeks/months.

I would say the same with SS since SS:Delta is releasing in Japan this Mar. and I bet the updated version will get localized in a few months.

Consider Toukiden even if Toukiden: Extreme is pretty much leaked.. who knows when that updated version will arrive.

User Info: BerlingerT

3 years ago#6
Did you ever play Ragnarok Online? if so, then you will probably love Ragnarok Odyssey. Though, as others have said, Ragnarok Odyssey: Ace is coming out very soon, so I would wait for that.
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User Info: gohoanq

3 years ago#7
I got both Ragnarok and Soul Sacrifice when I first got my Vita last year.. I ended up really enjoying Ragnarok and getting a very "meh" feeling from SS though I tried really hard to like it. I guess it's really up to the individual. I was told left and right SS was better than Ragnarok.. but still, that didn't matter in the end. lol Toukiden really is a good third option though TC if you're willing to look at it.
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User Info: Sami1000

3 years ago#8
I read that Ragnarok has extremely poor rare drop % for many things. Its supposed to be so bad that's its almost gamebreaking. This is just something i have heard when i was also reading about the game, because it interested me too at some point.

Soul sacrifice is great game. I have put almost 40 hours in, and it has been blast. The music, art style in both stages, and in menus looks awesome. It has the best lore i have ever read in any game, and this is a good thing because if you really want to know everything there is to know about what has happened to world, and to get information about history, levels etc. you have to read them.

soul sacrifice combat can be broken if you want to, and i haven't ever once needed to use any cheap tactics in it. Most spells are situational, except ranged ones, which is the reason why most people use them A LOT. New comers might play the game wrong at first, and try to decide something silly like "i will be a melee user" and try to beat every monster down with and an axe, and get his ass kicked badly. You need to remember and understand that you are a sorcerer, not a knight. Figure the best way to fight every boss enemies, though deep startegy isn't needed, but its funnier to play that game that way imo. For enemies who tries to charge towards you, you can drop mines all around the battlefield, aim at the wings of flying enemies, and wait for the to falldown and then beat the with your giant hand or other melee magic.

There's decent amount of spells in the game, but stil i would have wanted more of them. There's some weird spells like growing a tree which has ATK boosting fruits, but the thing is that the game doesn't really tell you how much they boost you ATK, so you will never know how useful it actually is. Though you can grow them all every where and keep eating them anyway, lol.

I really suggest this game. It might not seem like the best game ever, and you might get burnt from the game if you start immediately grinding for the spells. There is S, M, and L version of spells in the game. You need like 16 S versions to make one M, and 16 M, to make one L. Every time you level its tier up it gets damage boost and is overall upgraded. You can get the same spells from many stages and you will start eventually to get M versions of the spells, so if you repeat many times the same stages, because you think that you have to, you might start to hate the game.

Its best to just keep playing until the game becomes too hard, or you take too long to kill enemies. That's when you should focus on getting the Sigils, which gives passive bonuses to your character, and focus on getting levels for either defense or ATK.

I really hope Soul sacrifice gets popular, and we see sequels and what not in the future. Inafune has pretty talented people working with him.

User Info: ArcFan10000

3 years ago#9
Yeah I looked at Toukiden and it looks like monster hunter.

I have been wanting Ragnarok Oddessy , but I dont wanna get it if you cant level up and get stronger.
I really dont wanna spend hours and hours on Ragnarok Oddessy if the story isnt there or any good,
it just seems like its play a mission then go to another mission. All ive seen is people fighting the
same bosses over and over again and it seems like that would get boring.
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User Info: Sami1000

3 years ago#10
^ Sorry for the typos. I wrote that wall of text in hurry, and i'm very tired, so i'm not gonna fix them, lol.
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