Have fat Vita, should I sell and get that slim Vita in Borderlands 2 bundle?

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User Info: Terry-bogard

3 years ago#11
The second vita is clearly inferior to the first because of the screen quality was lowered , has a little bit more battery life though.

I wouldn't even recommend it to someone that doesn't have the first model.
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User Info: sonicdream5

3 years ago#12
I bought a Vita at launch so selling it for what little I would get for it stings more than my need for an upgrade.

User Info: ScaryTimes

3 years ago#13
no stupid idea, why pay $200 for a new vita when you can just pay $40 and get just the game, the screen is better on the old model and so what the system is smaller and lighter, but not by much so nothing that really makes a difference, only selling point the slim has is the 1gig internal memory and that is not worth $200, you can go get a 8 gig plus the borderlands 2 game for way cheaper.

User Info: Rehab520

3 years ago#14
If you've ever played borderlands 2, you know you want it on that OLED.

Seriously, this game should be incredible on that.
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User Info: GamerRaf

3 years ago#15
Depends on what you like. Looking at the gorgeous OLED screen or the rubbed out LCD screen with a better grip? I'd go with the OLED since I have the PDP grip and my eyes will be looking at the screen 99% of the time while gaming/youTube.
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User Info: Rayder

3 years ago#16
One thing the LCD screen will do for you is allow you to see more detail in dark scenes.

While I myself love the OLED screen, many people complain that the blacks are too black, so much so that you lose a lot of detail in dark scenes. They also complain that the colors are too intense. And that there is no color or contrast adjustments to tweak the picture.

I've heard complaints of 'black splotches' being seen in dark areas of a scene. It's supposedly some flaw with OLED technology that can happen with the screens. I don't know, mine doesn't have this problem that I've ever seen, but I guess some people have this problem.

To a certain extent, I agree with some complaints, but I'm not really fussed about OLED screens and blah blah. It just displays the game for me. LCD can do it just fine too. I figure that you'd get used to an LCD screen if you play on it long enough. The increase in battery life is always welcome, and the Slim has a legit way to change the battery yourself.....or so I am led to believe by reading around the web.

But since I currently own the OLED Vita, I'll wait until I see some useful accessories come out for the slim first. Stuff like the hand grip accessories are a must for ALL my handhelds....GBASP, DSlite, PSP2K, Vita......they all have grips on them. My hands cramp up too easily without them. So until some good grips come out for the slim, I won't even consider it. But if I DO see some good ones come out for the slim, I would seriously consider getting one, simply for the better battery situation.

I don't think I'd let go of that OLED Vita too soon though.
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