How many of you own a 3DS and a Vita?

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User Info: paramite12

3 years ago#121
I bought both systems on each of their launch days. I'd have to say that I like my vita better because of all the psone games and that it's such an awesome piece of hardware. There are so many games coming for it that I can't wait for. I do enjoy my 3ds a lot though. Getting to play Metal Gear Solid 3 in 3d was pretty darn cool.
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User Info: RetroGamerGuy

3 years ago#122
MantraChamploo posted...
3DS here, though would love a Vita for the Muramasa awesome edition.

I love my 3DS, play it daily. Feel like portable gaming gets a bad rap, even though when it comes down to it - I've had some of the most fun on them.

Huh. Guess you're right on that. Hopefully Microsoft doesn't join in on the portables or else we'd have both console and portable wars.

User Info: NeonYoshi11

3 years ago#123
Had a 3DS since 2012, just bought a Vita, Love them both.

So far, a lot more games for 3DS interest me than for Vita, but a few games I want have yet to release yet.

Both systems are awesome though, and for the most part, what you can't find on one, you can find on the other.

Best of both worlds.
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User Info: sonicdream5

3 years ago#124
I have both a Vita and 3DS XL. I go back and forth between them. I would honestly be happy if the Vita had all the Nintendo games.


3 years ago#125
Both. Vita more.

RPGs were my thing last-gen, but now I am burnt-out. I want more than just Nintendo exclusive games and the run-of-the-mill J/RPGs
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User Info: cfountainx

3 years ago#126
i own both.

I play my Vita more.
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User Info: BossBang

3 years ago#127
I got both on each of their launch days. I think the Vita brings way way more to the table, I play it way more and functionally it is leagues better than a 3ds.

But there are some really great gems for 3ds that are just must haves. Fire Emblem is fantastic, RE Revelations is the best RE so far. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a blast. Pokemon because it's a staple. Bravely Default just came out, yet to get that one though.

Sadly all the 3ds games that I think are worth playing sans Bravely Default I've already finished. Vita gets way more use, the backlog is real.

Once Smash Bros comes out I'll be on my 3ds on the daily though, can't wait.
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User Info: sentoworf

3 years ago#128
I play the 3ds way more than the Vita due to Pokemon and SMT games. I began to play the Professor Layton games as well.

With the Vita I only have a couple of fighters that I play in between classes sometimes.
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User Info: Boney00

3 years ago#129
Sometimes I'm in between each handheld depending on what big name release is out. For instance, I played The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds until I beat that then went back to my Vita. Lately I'm giving my Vita much more love. I still get steps for play coins and street passes at McDonald's.
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User Info: mappy41

3 years ago#130
Just bought a Vita today... looks good together with my 3ds XL.
will buy some games for it soon. :D
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