Vita Slim made me relove Vita again.

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User Info: warcueid

3 years ago#21
bj91x posted...
I prefer the 2000's screen over the 1000's screen. 1000's screen is just way too over saturated. Black levels aside, the colors are much more accurate on the 2000. In fact, after playing with 2000, I can't seem to go back to 1000's screen.

The weight is also surprisingly different. I didn't think 15% would be noticeable but after playing with the 2000, 1000 feels like a brick now. The start and select buttons are also easier to press. The form factor is more comfortable to hold. Change to micro USB means less cables I need. It can also be charged using 1A portable smartphone chargers.

The only things I find worse are sound quality and slower response time due to change to LCD (more ghosting, concern for fighting games with just frames). Then again, unless I have to play a game like 3rd Strike, the response time shouldn't matter.

Over saturated? i do not agree there also its so slim that it can easily break or overheat eventually,
OLED have vibrant colors that i wouldn't replace with an LCD no mater what lol...
and those view angles on LCD do bother me as hell...

User Info: bj91x

3 years ago#22
I don't have a 3DS so I can't compare. Overall, the ghosting seems OK. I've been playing Dragon's Crown which is pretty fast paced and the ghosting was on par with other LCD's. Though I guess a FPS may be better for checking ghosting.
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User Info: shauntennine

3 years ago#23
I don't have a 2000 but I'm with you TC. I love my 1000 and usually play in a dark room (at work) with brightness all the way down, wifi off, Bluetooth off, and use headphones and I definitely get more time out of it than Sony says you will. Butttt....

YamiJustin posted...
highndry18 posted...
Compass posted...
Slimassurance thread.

Dem downgraded revisions.

Only thing that can be considered a downgrade is the screen. Everything else about the 2000 are considered upgrades. I don't see anything wrong with calling the 2000 an upgrade, even though personally I feel that the difference in screens matters the most.

Don't you miss the single sheet of glass over the entire surface, instead of over the screen in a box-shape? Or the glowing light underneath the Sony logo. Cool relaxing blue

It doesn't have the light under the PS logo? What is the charging indicator then?

User Info: bj91x

3 years ago#24
There's a light indicator on the top left of the unit, next to the power button.
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