Old Vita versus new Vita

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User Info: EvelynEvelyn

3 years ago#1
I know this topic may have been done to death, however I was wondering with Final Fantasy XIV cross play coming is the new Vita worth it or just go for the older one?

Any opinions and help are appreciated thanks.

User Info: Kingsofronin

3 years ago#2
In my opinion OLED>>>LCD

So no, 1000>2000
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User Info: forte

3 years ago#3
competition? The new vita is for people with less money or those that want to use it as a cheap companion to their PS4 there is no comparing those two screens man. online comparison shots don't even do it justice because usually you are viewing the internet on an LCD.

User Info: OmegaBlades

3 years ago#4
Differences between the models

1000 vs 2000

Screen: OLED vs LCD
Internal memory: No Memory vs 1GB
Charging cable: Proprietary vs Micro USB
Models: WiFi & 3G vs WiFi Only

There's claims that the 2000 model has a better lasting battery too.
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User Info: bj91x

3 years ago#5
Copy and paste of what I posted on another thread. My recommendation is don't listen to fanboys who don't own both. Looking at pictures of screens accomplishes nothing. You have to check them out in person yourself, and spend a lot of time with both to get a grip on which you prefer. There is also no way for others to tell you which is better. It's a matter of preference and everybody is different. I can tell you that from what I've seen on these boards, it seems like all the people who spent enough time on both seem to prefer 2000. This is just the impression I got, though, not a fact. I'm sure there are plenty who spent enough time with both and prefer the 1000.

PSV 1000 cons:
Over saturated colors (red faces, for example)
Start and select buttons are hard to press
Proprietary cable
Bulkier and heavier than 2000

PSV 2000 cons:
Worse speakers than 1000
Would prefer OLED (that isn't over-saturated and doesn't have mura) since LCD has worse response time

Overall, I prefer the PSV 2000. I imported the light blue one and I love it.

One thing to note, though, is that I absolutely hated the 2000's screen when I first got it. I didn't like the yellow tint and the terrible viewing angle. After a few days of using the 2000, though, this problem was gone. I'm not sure if I got used to it, or if the screen just "broke in." My guess is I just got used to it. I never heard about breaking in screens (except for the first few seconds after turning it on, when it adjusts), nor did I ever experience similar things before.

EDIT: Doing a quick online search, supposedly, LCD's can benefit from breaking in. Never knew that.

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User Info: ninigoucn

3 years ago#7
PSV 2000 cons PLUS:

PSV 1000 and 2000 both have 4GB internal memory, but sony allocated 1GB exclusively for PSV 2000 as a marketing strategy.
also, the 1GB internal memory is basically a useless feature (automatically disabled when you insert a memory card).

PSV 2000 might has dead/stuck pixels.

as far as I know, a lot of Chinese gamers who purchased Japanese/Hong Kong version of PSV 2000 have encountered a common issue with PSV's left analog stick (it will stop responding after a period of time and SONY has yet given any response regarding the problem) ever since the 3.01 FW update.

User Info: jackynkurttims

3 years ago#8
PSV2000 is good if you like piss yellow when it should be white.

User Info: Nemerlight

3 years ago#9
2000 looks cheap and has crappy screen but its battery life is better. You decide.
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User Info: videogamingice

3 years ago#10
The ps vita 2000 screen is not crappy at all. Here's all the pros of the 1000 and 2000.

Ps vita 1000
More durable
Oled screen (It's more vibrant)

Ps vita 2000
Better grip (Cause rear touch pad is a little smaller)
Better battery life
Lcd screen (Longer lifespan than oled)
Louder speakers
1gb of internal storage (Although doesn't work if you have a memory card)

So you guys saying the 2000 sucks have no idea what your talking about lol.
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