Old Vita versus new Vita

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User Info: Fallen_Lord

3 years ago#21
zeplin1180 posted...
did Sony really, for sure 100% stop production on the 1000???? because i would one day like to buy a back-up 1000 model in case my current model's OLED screen has problems.

so if Sony did already stop production, how long do you guys think it'll take for all/most 1000 models sitting in store currently to disappear? i would imagine it would take a good amount of time (1 yr or so) seeing as how the Vita doesn't ever really sell like hotcakes.

Most physical retailers are not even carrying the 1000 anymore. The only really reliable place you can still get a 1000 is online. I suggest you go to Amazon and get the Assassin's Creed bundle which is selling for $200.00 right now. I will probably get one since I hate the way the black 1000 collects dust and fingerprints.

User Info: Sami1000

3 years ago#22
GhostSynthetic posted...
bj91x posted...
Copy and paste of what I posted on another thread. My recommendation is don't listen to fanboys who don't own both. Looking at pictures of screens accomplishes nothing. You have to check them out in person yourself, and spend a lot of time with both to get a grip on which you prefer. There is also no way for others to tell you which is better. It's a matter of preference and everybody is different. I can tell you that from what I've seen on these boards, it seems like all the people who spent enough time on both seem to prefer 2000. This is just the impression I got, though, not a fact. I'm sure there are plenty who spent enough time with both and prefer the 1000.

This is the most level-headed and reasonable opinion I've heard on GameFAQs in a long while. I tip my invisible hat to you, sir.

You have invisible hat? Why wear it if its invisible, and why mention it in the first place? Its not like we could see your hat anyway. As far as we know your hat could be huge egg shell.

Think about that!

"transforms into Sami2000 and flies away"
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