Vita Slim WILL breathe new life into the Vita.

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User Info: Multiboy2k

3 years ago#1
The release of the 2000 is going to make this board explode with v2000 topics.

I keep making these Vita 2000/Slim topics because I have now owned my Black/Khaki Vita 2000 for about a month now.

In this month, I have discovered that I really really enjoy playing vita games as well as psp games more than ever because of the way the handheld feels in my hands. The battery life has been reversed-exaggerated. What I mean is that Sony was not truthful about it lasting only 1 hour longer. I have gotten a full 10 hours on a single charge with unit consistently by simply lowering the brightness to 50% and putting the unit in Flight Mode.

The speakers and the headphone jack have been ramped up well over my older vita. I hear the difference in both volume and in the bass with headphones. I play MHFU and change the sound setting to BOOST and the sound that pours from the 2000 speakers is amazing. Period.

The micro-usb jack allows me to carry one ac adapter for my phone, bluetooth headset, and now my Vita too. No more carrying around extra junk and cables to charge different devices.

The LCD screen
Oled>LCD for colors that "pop".
LCD>Oled for literally everything else.
In low-light situations, the lcd screen completely owns oled. You have to see this first hand to understand what im saying here. Your eyes are not 'attacked' by the oled screen. Lcd is easier on your eyes.
You are trading "poppy" colors for 4+ more hours of battery life.
It's that simple in a nutshell. You choose whats best for you.
I chose vastly improved battery life at a form factor that is actually portable.

Form Factor:
The Vita 2000 is so lightweight that you will wonder if the unit even has 'guts'.
It feels thinner and 'flat' in my hands. Kinda like holding a very small flat screen tv in your hands.
The unit can now actually fit in both, your back pocket AND your front pocket. You wont even notice its there if it's in your back pocket. So, be careful not to sit on it. Note to self.....
Also, no more hand cramping for certain people. I can now play the unit for more than 3 hours and my hands don't feel like they need a break. The position of the new hand grips and smaller touchscreen on the back are much better on your hands. It's just easier to hold and play now. NO more cramping when doing my MHFU 'claw' on the 2000. yay for that

The purpose of this topic is to inspire hope to those who already have a vita and think the system is dying/dead. And, to inspire interest to those to go ahead and pull the trigger if they are on the fence about picking one up. I greatly suggest the 2000 over the 1000 though. Just my opinion of course. But, I have been a proud owner of both units. Either would be a good buy.

If you have any questions about the 2000 I will gladly answer them.

User Info: Jamez

3 years ago#2
4+ more hours? Sony themselves said it was only like 1 more hour. lol

User Info: BerlingerT

3 years ago#3
JiZamez posted...
4+ more hours? Sony themselves said it was only like 1 more hour. lol

It's considerable. I wouldn't say it's 4 extra hours, but I would say it's at least a couple extra hours.
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User Info: gamecube101

3 years ago#4
At a minimal decrease in cost it will not attract a significant sales increase over the 1000.

User Info: WartPig_

3 years ago#5
i will be getting a slim if non bundlrus come and is cheaper than the 1000
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User Info: Multiboy2k

3 years ago#6
JiZamez posted...
4+ more hours? Sony themselves said it was only like 1 more hour. lol

If you read what I said, you can see where I said that Sony "reverse-exaggerated" the battery spec.
Meaning they undersold what it really can do.
This is an old marketing technique that lowers the customers expectation and then supersedes them in the end. Dell and Apple have been using this technique successfully for years. I have documented that I can get 10 hours on one charge. Im thinking of posting pics on this when I get the time.

User Info: tygp2386

3 years ago#7
Thanks for the impressions. I personally don't think that the screen downgrade is that bad. Yes you can tell the difference when side by side, but it's not like you'll have a 1000 next to you at all times seeing the difference in quality to get you pissed. Without the 1000 next to it, the slim's screen still looks great.

For example, I was fixing my bedroom hdtv downstairs in the living room. I finally got it going and while down there, I wanted to see the difference in quality of my living room HDTV and the bedroom HDTV. I was shocked by the difference in quality. Thing is, I would have never known the difference in quality if I didn't have them side by side. I thought they both looked equally great. That's what Sony is banking on.

User Info: bj91x

3 years ago#8
I like the 2000 over the 1000, but in the end, games will lead the way.
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User Info: bigbug1992

3 years ago#9
I'm getting the Borderlands Bundle and I'm gonna use my 1000 as a backup. I SHOULDN'T need a backup because I'm super protective about my stuff (no drinks within 10 feet of my vita, no joke) but someone could always steal it (I've had my locker at work broken into, so... Yeah)
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User Info: StrikeNinja24

3 years ago#10
This is kind of deja vu. People buy the system for the games on said system. A change in hardware isn't going to affect the public.
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