Would You Like To See Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to Psvita?

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User Info: ewerton18

3 years ago#41
carsauce posted...
Less lighting , less color, movies in short form, graphics toned down

This can work

Did you already saw the video?
It's run greatly and smooth,look for it
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3 years ago#42
At least Kojima worked on GZ, while he just supervised MGS4 but a portable mgs4 means I'd play it more unlike ps3, which I barely play, first 2 chapters are good cause there open and remind me of 1 and part of 2 and GZ, while the rest of the chapters were meh, even Shadow Moses was meh, didn't like all the damn robots. You can tell GZ was worked on by Kojima, I mean he worked on all of it, not portions of it.

Ground Zeroes reminds me of MGS2 Tanker, wonder if TPP will be more like the Plant section, I wish Kojimas promise of future Kojima Production games coming to Vita stayed true but it didn't. He lied like a rug.

Here's links that future Kojima production games were supposed to come to vita, only game that did it was mgs HD collection, it had potential, a shame really cause I was looking forward towards ZOE collection and GZ on the go.


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User Info: Alter_Nayte

3 years ago#43
Mgs4 is a bloated game file size wise so I don't why people keep pointing to that. Same with titanfall, with its its 35GB of audio.

Like some posters have said, a new Acid game would be much more welcome

User Info: Exceed20XX

3 years ago#44
Reverted_Pikkon posted...
I'd take a new AC!D or Peace Walker 2 over MGS4.

I'd go that route. We already have 4 MG ports between what the HD Collection brought, I'd like to get a more tailored for Vita/new experience next.
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