New GTA releasing in Europe today for Vita

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User Info: blazeair

3 years ago#1

Oh god...why??????
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User Info: TinyTim123

3 years ago#2
I saw this Tuesday on the US PSN store. I was really wondering if it were an April Fool's joke or not.

User Info: zezprah

3 years ago#3
thanks, obama
she got a big booty so i call her big booty

User Info: arclouks_x

3 years ago#4
we've known for a long time they were releasing this app on vita, I didnt like gtav much sold it already
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User Info: overlordlaharl0

3 years ago#5
it's just an app an gta a crap. maps...
I like ever Final fantasy game and if you say otherwise you're a troll. - Gamefaqs logic. But i do, i really do.

User Info: Tiredofhearingu

3 years ago#6
.... yeah... rockstar... good job.. I had only completely forgotten about it...

User Info: vvavves

3 years ago#7
zezprah posted...
thanks, obama

obama care

User Info: shauntennine

3 years ago#8
Its an app. Also available for iPhones. It ties in with GTA 5 and lets you do stupid stuff like train your dog and get car upgrades.
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