Just picked up Valhalla Knights 3, team tell me what I am in for

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  3. Just picked up Valhalla Knights 3, team tell me what I am in for

User Info: Safros93

3 years ago#11
It's mostly enjoyable after the slow first hour or two.

My only real complaint is the frequent and long loading screens.

On the other hand, it has a good amount of customization and quite a bit of content. The game should last you a long time if you get into it.

User Info: grangia

3 years ago#12
Well the usual guys already showed up xD

I found it enjoyable since I like the grindy nature of these games. There's a lot of extensive customization and once you have the right party, AI natures, and equipment it really feels like a good MMO with a good party.

Like the others have said, there is a LOT of grinding. It's basically designed as a sort of asian MMO like Perfect World and such. However, there are some tricks:

-check the boards so that you have the right AI for the party. A good AI makes the differences between a good healer and a suicidal one
-don't use the stores on the first floor! They're supposed to be for when you have a lot more money (remember that story-wise they're the "luxury stores with prostitutes and comfy sofas." For the beginning of the game, go downstairs they have the exact same services that can be used for free
-if you want a hard grind, but an easier late game, start as Prisoners. The class is weak, but getting Limit Break boosts your stats but a ton. Without it, you're weak, with it a single character could solo a boss of equal level.
-sell every equipment you don't need. Money is something you'll need to buy better stuff and there's no point in keeping old equipment
-on the PSN store is a DLC called something like Cat's Bell. Buying it gives you a passive money walk effect: every step you take gives 1g. You can make over 5k per trip this way!

There's more, but ask the VK3 forums since that's where actual fans will be instead of these guys.

User Info: DarkLaguna

3 years ago#13
I enjoyed the game, but the negative points everyone brought up are valid; Load times are atrocious, story is mostly filler to pad out the gameplay, there's absolutely no balance between classes, things don't really get interesting until the 2+ hour long 'tutorial' part of the game where it basically holds your hand, There was day one on-disc DLC (if I'd known that before I bought it, I never would have; I hate supporting developers that do that), it can be pretty grindy at times (mostly because some of the quests involve killing a ton of a certain kind of monster, and some of those monsters only spawn one at a time, and take a minute or so to respawn), and there's tons and tons of recycled enemies.

On the plus side, as mentioned, there are a ton of customization options, and even more are unlocked as you recruit the clerks (mostly the makeup and such that they wear) and progress the story. There's some loot-finding aspects as well, with equipment having variable stats and bonuses, and certain gear dropping from certain enemies, which is fun if you enjoy that kind of thing. Some weapons and armor looks pretty cool, too (though nearly every piece of armor has at least one palette-swap).

And though the sexy time thing is hit-and-miss with a lot of people, it's fun if you're like me and enjoy fanservice, though it does lose it's charm after a while and becomes more of a tedious minigame than anything. Still, it does have some good rewards attached to it (namely, class cards).

All in all, it's a decent game for what it is.
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  3. Just picked up Valhalla Knights 3, team tell me what I am in for

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