PS4 Owners: will you be remote playing FFXV & KHIII?

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User Info: Compass

3 years ago#11
No. I've never been so desperate to play a console game I simply had to do it, even though I'm nowhere near said console, and will have to endure crappy lag.

I mean, there are already lots of alternative ways to enjoy movies when I'm not at home -- through my phone, work computer, Netflix on Vita or 3DS, etc. But why would I bother? I'll be home at some point, and watch the movie then on a big screen in a comfortable chair.
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User Info: Nnamz

3 years ago#12
Greenmon posted...
Yup; from time to time. Mostly when/if I need to grind. It's so much more relaxing to grind on a handheld. To progress with the story, TV it is.

Exactly this.

The experience is just better on a big screen so for all the big gameplay moments I want to be experiencing it in the best way.

Grinding, however, is best done on a portable while you are watching the football game on the couch or doing something else. Remote Play works great for this.

User Info: duffloes

3 years ago#13
I'll get KH3, so definitely I will. I'd say I honestly play about 80% of my PS4 time via Remote Play instead of on my TV.
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User Info: rpglover13

3 years ago#14
Yes, wholeheartedly. I'm guessing that upon buying them day one I will be playing them nonstop considering my hype for them. So I will want to continue to grind during the commercials of my favorite shows.

User Info: Semi45a

3 years ago#15
yeah gotta enjoy that game on a tiny little OLED screen
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User Info: Shadowfxd2

3 years ago#16
BigReed posted...
While the idea of remote play is still pretty cool, I'm not sold on it. My buddy comes over and utilized remote play while at my house, but I can't really tolerate the performance issues myself.

Still, it's a neat feature.

This^ I've been trying to remote play Realm Reborn and all it has is connection issues (with ethernet to ps4 and direct connect to VIta even). It's nowhere near as playable as Wii U, but it is awesome when it works for 20-30mins, then it will disconnect again ><,
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User Info: BahamutBBob

3 years ago#17
If remote play is 100% solid when they are released, I'll probably do it at some point.

It still has some latency (in a form similar to dropped frames) but it's much better than it was when the PS4 released.

ServantOfErieos posted...
It works amazingly on infamous second son.

Dat Neon heavy attack is a pain in the ass when you can't aim it while charging it.
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User Info: Shonuff331

3 years ago#18
Steam/PSN/XBL/Origin/Raptr/etc. -- KenpoJuJitsu3
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