So how is Tales of Hearts R?

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User Info: StrikeNinja24

3 years ago#21
Saienu posted...
Ooseye posted...
Haven't played Hearts yet but overall as a series Tales is extremely underwhelming. The battle systems are good usually but the plot lines are just terrible.

I second this, I've played a lot of Tales games in my day, and as fun as the battle systems usually are, the plot and visual design of pretty much everything is laughably awful. I can only defeat evil with friendship so many times, and the older I get, the more these games make me feel like a Japanese elementary school child.

Persona is awful, you heard it here.
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User Info: yohvsnaruto

3 years ago#22
Real talk here,
Hearts starts off generally cliche but it's story start to get better as it progresses and gets quite dark during Part 2-3 in the story, the party gets stronger as they grow bonds together it allows them to overcome many difficulties during their journey. I haven't played Hearts R in a while but it's story is probably 2nd best or the best in the series right next to Xillia 2.

And even without the story the game has a very strong cast of characters and are all very memorable(Excluding Galando though he has a very unique fighting style that is very fun to use) we have a character like Kunzite who has almost no emotions to being a fully fledged human like robot by the end of the game due to how the party bonded with him. Or how Hisui and Shing's relationship changes. To me Hearts is a very special game and I'm happy it is now getting the fame it deserves.
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User Info: Wildboy9

3 years ago#23
Tales series stories are Oscar worthy compared to some of the stuff we get today. Final Fantasy told the best stories back then till around 9/10. Those days are long gone.
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User Info: Sami1000

3 years ago#24
Wildboy9 posted...
Don't listen to Ooseye. You know what he does by now.

What he does then? For now he just gave his opinion. I don't see anything wrong with that.

User Info: Tales_Otaku

3 years ago#25
The Tales series is an action JRPG where you travel with a pack of characters on a quest to save the world and stuff. Almost always, the stories are quite dark, deal with controversial issues, and feature generally enjoyable characters with fitted voice acting and established character development.

The battle system, being action, is very similar to a fighting game. You control one character, while your other three members are controlled by AI. You can forcibly command them freely with short cut buttons or through the menu, or give them a strategy to follow (like only attack magic using enemies, stay away and defend, etc). If you hate AI, get some friends - the game is multiplayer, but only during battles.

You can combo with 'artes', or special attacks that feature magic or some flashy movements that are unique to each character. I suggest looking at combo videos on Youtube for different games to get an idea about this. You can be creative, or just spam, up to you. Enemies aren't standing around to be pummeled though, they'll freely attack you right back. Hit them to 'stagger', or throw them off balance, so you can continue comboing until they break free.

Characters and the story are usually great. The plots are nothing that spectacular. But then again, when are they? Plots are typically pretty boring, it is how the plots are told through the story that make it interesting. It's a hit or miss here with this series. Hearts has one of the best told stories in the series, Abyss is incredibly long and complex, Vesperia is pretty simplistic. It's the interactions with your party that really make the games.

Ooseye gave his opinion as if it is factual though, and pretty much doomed the games because of one element, and usually the worse element in most games; the plot. I've never found the plots that bad anyway because of how cool the stories are told and how the characters develop. Namco puts a lot of effort into localization to ensure the games will be enjoyable for the west. The series also has, IMO, the most fun battle system you can ask for.

If you has a PS3, I also suggest Tales of Xillia 2 being released most likely this summer. The video of Hearts was leaked, so I'm assuming that very soon there will be more announcements about Xillia 2 and Zesteria.

Hope you enjoy the series. :3
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