Wow! The vita seems to be rocking it! It's good to be a vita owner

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  3. Wow! The vita seems to be rocking it! It's good to be a vita owner

User Info: Ooseye

3 years ago#21
GamerRaf posted...
Doesn't compare to a 3DS.

100% Agreed
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User Info: helzefeld

3 years ago#22
Voelger posted...
Bought a vita today with
FFX, dragons crown and muramasa

Great way to start off!

I can highly recommend Ys: Memories of Celceta as well!

There are of course a lot of great games but they depend on your tastes.

Muramasa was my first Vita platinum and my second platinum ever... such a great game.
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User Info: Ghaleun

3 years ago#23
Eh i dont know, i have a 3ds with a substantial library and i seem to be playing my vita way more, 3ds has the same curse that most Nintendo systems have, few good games that are not made by nintendo.
Memento mori

User Info: Ghaleun

3 years ago#24
The only complaints i ever hear about the vita (aside from annoying people who dont even own one that claim it has no games) is the memory card cost and the ports. Personally i love having MGS, persona, and FFX on the go. As far as the cost of a decent memory card goes i have no regrets since I have many games that I grew up with that are amazing to have whenever i want. The memory card more than warranted the purchase, in my humble opinion.
Memento mori

User Info: mmanhbfighter

3 years ago#25
I love my vita and 3ds. Zelda and Luigis mansion are the shot. Plus Mario and Mario kart. Vita got me covered in FPS and rpg and fighting games.

User Info: DarkMark942

3 years ago#26
Yep can't wait to get my slim next week.

User Info: minchew91

3 years ago#27
I prefer the 3DS for games honestly, but my Vita sees the most use for certain games, like ps1 classics and media use. Can't watch The Walking Dead on a 3DS haha.
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  3. Wow! The vita seems to be rocking it! It's good to be a vita owner

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